Outdoor Growing Strains




Want to grow cannabis outdoors? Then, check out our vast collection of outdoor marijuana seeds that are high yielding and easy to plant. Farmers Lab Seeds is the hub of fantastic marijuana strains that every weed lover should try.


When it comes to choosing an outdoor strain, you need to know its composition, flavor, and effect. So, here’s everything you need to know about our strains that are ideal for outdoor cannabis growing.


Once you know how to choose your favorite strain, your purchase will be easier than ever!

Why choose outdoor weed seeds?


Growing outdoor weed seeds is possible nowadays as the laws at the state levels have changed in the USA, making weed cultivation legal. Hence, you can easily produce superior quality cannabis outdoors naturally. There won’t be any legal complications unless the laws in your state don’t allow weed cultivation yet.


Secondly, when cannabis is planted outdoors, its natural habitat will provide them with a lot of benefits. If you plant them in the right way, you’ll be benefited from better-tasting pots from bigger yields of our outdoor seeds. And that’s not all as growing outdoor marijuana is a much cheaper process than growing indoors.


Indoor planting is all about an artificial setup with lights, fans, pumps, etc. But, outdoor planting is an all-natural process as your plant will get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. So, if you have legal permission and enough space to grow outdoor cannabis seeds, just go ahead, grow your own cannabis plants and enjoy fresh herbs!

The Advantages of Growing Outdoors


There are many advantages of growing cannabis outdoors. Here are some of the advantages listed:


  • Your outdoor seeds will grow in their natural habitat, which is beneficial for the plants.
  • You can choose any strain that you like for growing outdoors as the space will be bigger.
  • The yield, taste, and overall quality of your weeds will be up to their genetic potential.
  • The cost of growing outdoor marijuana is comparatively lower than growing indoors.
  • Growing weeds outdoors is environmentally friendly and also a sustainable method.


The Disadvantages of Growing Outdoors


However, there are some disadvantages to growing cannabis outdoors. Here are the disadvantages listed:


  • Your outdoor seeds will be exposed to weather extremes and predators.
  • Hiding your plants from those curious neighbors will be really difficult.
  • Your outdoor marijuana seeds will need to be protected from theft.


How to choose the best outdoor marijuana seeds for you?


Choosing weed seeds for outdoor grow isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. First of all, you need to only choose beginner outdoor seeds. But, keep in mind that your decision may get impacted by the space you have, the climate of your location, and the budget you need to stick to.


Sativas are a great option for you if there’s a lot of space in your yard. That’s because these plants are comparatively taller and bigger in size and need more space. And to increase yield, you can try some cropping methods that growers usually do.


Most growers prefer outdoor Indica seeds as these are compact in size and yet are high yielding. So, if your growing space is small and you need outdoor seeds for a calming effect, Indica seeds will be the best option for you.


Hybrid seeds are also quite popular among outdoor weed seeds. These strains with sturdy branches are known for offering all the benefits of both parents. Also, these are resistant to pests, easy to grow, and ideal for beginners.


Top five outdoor marijuana seeds


Here are the top five outdoor seeds that you can consider for growing:

AK 47 Seed-Fast Flower Feminized

Don’t go by the name as the strain with citrus smell and flavor is famous for relaxation and mellowness. As a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, it keeps smokers creatively engaged and socially active for long hours. The outdoor feminized seeds are moderate to high yielding and quite easy to grow.

Blue Dream Seeds – Auto Feminized

Hailing from California, this one keeps smokers relaxed and euphoric without losing mental acuity. And the best part is that the beautiful blue-colored outdoor autoflower seeds are ideal for beginners. The smell of the strain is skunk sweet and the flavor will remind you of berry and musk.

Blueberry Strain – Feminized

This legendary strain gives a very unique long-lasting high that’s soothing and euphoric. And the purple color of the strain has made it even more famous among weed connoisseurs. The fruity aroma and flavor have a hint of blueberry and you’ll find it really easy to grow the female seeds outdoor.

Bubba Kush – Feminized

This heavy Indica hybrid is a very popular outdoor kush strain and it has a couch-locking effect. Bubba Kush is also known for delivering relief from pain, insomnia, and anxiety. The aroma is a mix of sweet, earthy, and coffee and the plant is resistant to pests.

Cheese Strain – Feminized

This Indica dominant hybrid is one of the best pot seeds for outdoors because of the calming effect and the cheesy flavor. Also, the plant is also quite easy to grow and maintain.

Why grow cannabis outdoors?

The main reason for growing outdoor seeds is that you can let them grow naturally maintaining the light cycle. The option to be in nature and spend some time growing your plant is therapeutic. Secondly, you don’t need to invest in a growing room and the equipment required for indoors.

For these reasons, feel free to buy our outdoor marijuana seeds for sale that are perfect for beginners.


What is the average flowering time for outdoor cannabis seeds?

Usually, it takes 8-9 weeks for outdoor seeds to mature. But, some outdoor marijuana Sativa plants may take longer depending on the climate zones.

What are the differences between growing marijuana outdoors vs. indoors?

Growing outdoor marijuana seeds requires you to plant them in your yard whereas growing indoors means you need to arrange a growing space in your house.

Is it easy to grow outdoor cannabis seeds?

It’s comparatively easier to grow outdoor cannabis seeds than indoors. You don’t need to work hard in preparing the growing space when planting outdoors.

Why buy outdoor cannabis seeds from Farmers Lab Seeds?

Farmers Lab Seeds has been providing quality outdoor marijuana seeds to a huge number of happy customers. The range of our outdoor marijuana seeds is vast and the quality is ensured with prompt delivery. So, just go ahead and order your favorite seeds at the best price from us.

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