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Farmers Lab Seed Bank:

Farmers Lab Seeds is a Canadian-based, online seed bank. Our objective is to provide therapeutic solutions to individuals globally that are seeking relief through the germination and harvesting of medical marijuana. At Farmers Lab, we have  a vigorous selection, examination, and packaging process that ensures the  highest quality of cannabis seeds to all our customers.

  Our Quality Seed Bank Mandate Includes:

  1. The genetic certification of all our marijuana seeds – they are what they say they are.
  2. The hand selection of our marijuana – all our seeds are hand examined for imperfections and freshness.
  3. The packaging of our weed – blister packed and clinically secure from environmental degradation or tampering.
  4. The Use Of Renewable Materials-our boxes are made from renewable hemp without toxic dyes or chemicals. All our ink is made from natural vegetable based resinsBuying marijuana seeds is an investment in your time, energy and wellness. Our Seeds does everything within our power to ensure your experience is a positive one – from acquisition through germination and into harvest – Our Bank will assist you every step of the way.


It is our core belief that marijuana, when procured to address specific societal stress, chronic pain, and other health issues- can have a direct impact on quality of life, increase general happiness and contribute toward individuals meeting their own human potential.  We believe in it is our fundamental principle in providing quality access to marijuana seeds through our bank and offering maximum support, privacy and value. Finally, we believe that we must give back and engage with the community that shares these beliefs and principles. We are continually investing a portion of profits into education, legal reform, and participation in encouraging social change regarding the stigma of marijuana.

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