CBD Zkittlez Seeds (1:1)


Discover the enchanting world of CBD Zkittlez Seeds, where the art of cultivation meets the joy of gardening. These seeds are more than just a growing experience; they embody a journey through a spectrum of vivid colors, tantalizing aromas, and a harmonious blend of genetics. Ideal for both novice and experienced growers, CBD Zkittlez Seeds offer a unique opportunity to cultivate a plant that is as delightful in appearance as it is in its growth characteristics. Begin your cultivating adventure with CBD Zkittlez Seeds and witness the transformation from a tiny seed to a vibrant plant.

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What is CBD Zkittlez Seeds?

CBD Zkittlez Seeds are a captivating choice for enthusiasts and cultivators alike, offering a unique blend of genetics that captures the imagination. These seeds are not just another addition to the market; they represent a harmony of flavor, aroma, and cultivation finesse.


CBD Zkittlez is a distinguished strain, born from the crossbreeding of Zkittlez with a high-CBD strain. This innovative fusion results in a variety that maintains the delightful characteristics of its parent Zkittlez, a renowned and award-winning strain, while integrating the benefits of CBD richness. This blend is a testament to expert breeding, where the goal is to achieve a balanced cannabinoid profile.

Seed Characteristics

CBD Zkittlez seeds are feminized, ensuring a nearly 100% probability of growing into female plants, which are crucial for cannabinoid production. The seeds exhibit robust germination rates and are known for their resilience. Once matured, the plants display a spectrum of vibrant colors, with hues that can range from deep greens to purples, under the right conditions.

Key Insights

  • Genetic Profile: Indica-dominant hybrid, known for its well-rounded characteristics.
  • THC/CBD Ratio: These seeds are cultivated to produce a lower THC and higher CBD content, making them an ideal choice for those interested in the unique attributes of CBD.
  • Aroma and Flavor: Expect a burst of fruity, tropical flavors, reminiscent of the Zkittlez lineage, with a sweet, candy-like aroma.
  • Growth Behavior: Exhibits a compact growth pattern, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Cultivation Tips

  • Climate: Prefers a mild to warm climate, with consistent temperatures and low humidity.
  • Soil: Thrives in well-draining, nutrient-rich soil. A balance of organic matter can enhance growth.
  • Watering: Regular but moderate watering is key; avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.
  • Lighting: For indoor cultivation, LED or HPS lights are recommended, ensuring adequate light penetration.
  • Training Techniques: Responsive to low-stress training (LST) and Sea of Green (SOG) methods to maximize yield.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds

Seed type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


8-10 weeks

THC Content





Berry / Citrus / Lemon / Sweet


Beta Caryophyllene / Alpha Humele / Linonene/ Linalool /Alpha Pinene / D-Limonene / Beta Pinene / D-3-Carene / Cineol / Terpinolene


450 gr/m2. indoor / 500 gr/plant Outdoor


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