CBD Kush Seeds (1:1)


Embark on a journey with CBD Kush Seeds, a unique blend of classic Kush and high-CBD genetics. These seeds promise a harmonious balance of robust flavors and aromas, coupled with resilient growing characteristics. Ideal for both novice and experienced cultivators, CBD Kush Seeds offer a bountiful harvest, adaptable to various environments. Experience the rich heritage of Kush, redefined with a focus on high CBD, in your own garden.

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What is Kush CBD Seeds?

CBD Kush seeds represent a distinctive blend in the realm of cannabis cultivation, known for their equilibrium of CBD and THC levels. These seeds emerge from a crossbreed, melding high-CBD genetics with the iconic Kush strain. This combination produces a plant that attracts a wide range of growers, from beginners to veterans, seeking a balanced cannabinoid profile.


Rooted in the storied Kush family, CBD Kush seeds draw their lineage from the renowned Kush strain, originating in the rugged landscapes of Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • CBD to THC Ratio: Typically balanced, often near 1:1
  • Appearance: Sturdy, dark-colored seeds, reflecting their resilient genetics.
  • Germination Time: Usually between 3-7 days in optimal conditions.

Key Insights

  • Flavor Profile: Plants grown from CBD Kush seeds offer a rich aroma, combining earthy and woody scents with occasional citrus undertones.
  • Adaptability: Well-suited for both indoor and outdoor growth settings.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Climate Preference: Thrives in a mild to warm environment, akin to its Kush origins.
  2. Lighting Requirements: Benefits from strong lighting; indoor setups should consider high-quality LED or HPS systems.
  3. Watering Regimen: Consistent, moderate watering to prevent root saturation.
  4. Nutrients: A balanced nutrient mix, focusing on nitrogen in the vegetative phase and phosphorus and potassium during flowering.
  5. Pruning Practices: Regular trimming helps control its bushy growth and enhances air flow around the plant.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds

Seed type

Feminized Cannabis Seeds


9 weeks

THC Content





Sweet / Fruity


Alpha Cedrene / Alpha Pinene / Beta Caryophyllene / Borneol / Cadinene / Camphene / Citral / Eugenol / Farnesene / Fenchol / Humulene / Myrcene / Ocimene /


400 gr/m2. indoor / 400 gr/plant Outdoor


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