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Discover the joy of growing with Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds, a perfect blend of zesty aroma and ease of cultivation. Ideal for both new and seasoned growers, these seeds offer a bountiful harvest of lemon-scented buds. Experience the uncomplicated joy of growing with a strain that adapts to your environment, ready to impress with its citrusy charm and robust growth.

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What is Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds?

Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds are a remarkable variety that stands out in the cannabis cultivation world. This strain is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze, beautifully blending the zesty aroma of lemon. Its autoflowering nature comes from ruderalis genetics, making it a go-to choice for both novice and experienced growers.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Sativa dominant
  • Flowering Time: Approximately 8-9 weeks
  • Yield: High

The seeds produce plants with a relatively quick flowering time and are known for their resilience and ability to thrive in various growing conditions. The buds are typically dense, covered in a rich layer of trichomes, giving them a frosty appearance.

Key Insights

Lemon Haze Autoflower Seeds are particularly noted for their:

  • Aroma and Flavor: A strong lemony and fresh citrus scent is the hallmark of this strain, making it highly desirable for those who enjoy tangy profiles.
  • Grower Friendliness: This strain is ideal for those who want a less labor-intensive cultivation process. Its autoflowering nature means it requires less monitoring of light cycles.
  • Adaptability: These seeds can flourish both indoors and outdoors, adaptable to a wide range of climates.

Cultivation Tips

  • Lighting: While autoflowering, Lemon Haze still benefits from ample light. Aim for 18-20 hours of light per day.
  • Soil: Well-draining, nutrient-rich soil is ideal for this strain.
  • Watering: Be cautious not to overwater; allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
  • Temperature and Humidity: Moderate climates with controlled humidity levels are ideal. Keep an eye on humidity, especially during the flowering stage.

Additional information


9 – 10 weeks

THC Content

14-19% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Sweet / Kushy / Fruity Notes


Alpha Cedrene / Alpha Terpineol / Borneol / Camphene / Citral / D-Limonene / Eugenol / Fenchol / Linalool / Nerolidol / Orange Terpenes / Phytol / Terpinolene / Alpha Pinene / Beta Caryophyllene / Cadinene / Eugenol / Farnesene / Humulene / Myrcene / Ocimene /


400 – 500 gr. m2 indoor / 550-600 gr. plant outdoor.


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