African x Princess 88 Feminized Seeds


Discover the dynamic world of African x Princess 88 Feminized Seeds, where robust African genetics meet the sophisticated Princess 88 lineage. With a high germination rate and adaptability to various climates, these seeds are a perfect blend of strength and elegance. Immerse yourself in the cultivation of this unique strain and enjoy the rewards of a bountiful harvest and a rich sensory experience.

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What is African x Princess 88 Feminized Seeds?

African x Princess 88 Feminized Seeds represent a unique blend of genetics, combining the robust qualities of African landrace strains with the renowned Princess 88 lineage. This cultivar offers a harmonious balance of hardiness and refined growing characteristics, making it a standout choice for both novice and experienced cultivators.


African x Princess 88 Feminized Seeds are the product of a meticulous breeding program that integrates the resilient, naturally adapted traits of African strains with the stable and prolific Princess 88. This lineage hails from a diverse genetic pool, ensuring a rich and varied growth experience.

Seed Characteristics

  • Type: Feminized
  • Genetic Composition: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Appearance: The seeds are robust and dark, encapsulating the vigor of their genetic lineage.
  • Germination Rate: High, ensuring a reliable cultivation journey.

Key Insights

  • Flavor Profile: A unique blend of earthy and sweet undertones, reminiscent of its diverse genetic background.
  • Aroma: The scent is a complex mix, offering hints of spice and natural freshness.
  • Growth Behavior: These seeds exhibit vigorous growth patterns, adapting well to various environments.
  • Yield Potential: Known for their generous yield, these seeds are an excellent choice for those looking to maximize their harvest.

Cultivation Tips

  • Climate Adaptability: This strain is notably resilient, adapting well to both cooler and warmer climates.
  • Soil Preference: African x Princess 88 thrives in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Watering Schedule: Regular watering is key, but be cautious of over-watering.
  • Lighting Conditions: Prefers full sunlight but is adaptable to partial shade.
  • Harvest Period: Understanding the ideal time to harvest is crucial for optimal yield.


Additional information


60-65 days

THC Content

18-20% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Sweet / Fruity / Pineapple.


Myrcene / D-Limonene / Beta-Pinene / Alpha-Pinene / D-Alpha-Pinene / Linalool / Caryophyllene / Alpha Humulene


(400-500 gr m2 indoor / 600 gr. Plant outdoor).


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