Arizona Marijuana Seeds

Arizona Cannabis Seeds

Growing weed in Arizona is not as simple as planting your seeds and enjoying a harvest at the end of it. There are all of the little nuances that come with cannabis cultivation to pay attention to on top of the unique climate that this state has to offer. 

 If you’re looking at getting some cannabis growing and need some Arizona cannabis seeds then you’re in luck! Farmers Lab Seeds is one of the top online banks to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona. This is the place to purchase all the best genetics for growing in the hot and sunny climate of what’s known as the sunset state. 

Get all the information you need right here about Arizona state cannabis laws, how to cultivate your own medical or recreational weed, and learn a little bit about why it’s a good idea to grow marijuana seeds here.  

Is it Legal to Buy and Grow Cannabis Seeds in Arizona?

Purchasing and growing your own weed has been legal in the state of Arizona since 2020. Cannabis enthusiastic voters are now able to have up to 28 grams of recreational weed on their person. Additionally, up to 6 plants can be cultivated at one time on someone’s property.    

Dispensaries have been able to sell recreational cannabis since early 2021 but unfortunately, medical marijuana seeds in Arizona are still only available to those who live 25 km away from a dispensary and have a valid license for growing medically. It is not illegal to possess seeds since they are considered plants. 

What does this mean for recreational growers? Simply put, it’s easy to buy marijuana seeds online and have them shipped to your home discreetly. It is still legal, and you’re able to take advantage of killer strains like the ones found here at Farmers Lab Seeds. 

What Marijuana Strains are Better to Grow In Arizona?

Arizona has similar characteristics to a desert, being a semi-arid or arid state. This means that the air will be dry from low humidity and your plants will need to transpire more to keep cool. It is pretty dry for most of the year, and their winters can get very cold. 

Ideally, you’ll want to grow a Sativa or Sativa-dominant strain since they respond well to dry conditions and enjoy the long growing season that Arizona has to offer. You should be able to start marijuana seeds in Arizona by mid-April and can expect a November harvest for these long-flowering strains.Weed Seeds Shipped Directly to Your Door. Farmers Lab Seeds is your #1 supplier to growing weed in Arizona.

Indica genetics might be overwhelmed by the intense heat and drought-like conditions. If you’re interested in growing Indica then you will have success growing them indoors where you can control the environment.  

Here are some of the best Cannabis strains to grow in Arizona:

Super Lemon Haze. This Sativa-dominant hybrid will grow very tall in the hot Arizona sun and produce a lot of high-quality weed. 

Sour Diesel Autoflower. Another Sativa-dominant variety that loves dry conditions. It may not need a light cycle to flower but it’ll absorb the powerful light and produce quick, large yields. Perfect for stealthier grows or beginners learning to cultivate weed. 

White Widow CBD. This pure sativa will produce buds that have high CBD potency. This non-psychoactive substance is sought after by people with chronic conditions who are looking for alternative ways to treat them. 

Whether you’re new to growing or have some experience under your belt, growing in Arizona can be a different beast. Want to know some tips on the best ways to grow marijuana seeds in Arizona? Keep reading and find out.

How to Grow Arizona Marijuana Seeds

Growing your own weed in Arizona is easier than it seems, despite the incredibly hot temperatures. Basic germination can start indoors, and depending on the weather, transplanting can happen either outside or inside. Because of their delicate root systems, your seedlings require a lot of humidity for them to grow properly. Cannabis Seeds Shipped Directly to Your Door. Farmers Lab Seeds is your #1 supplier to growing Cannabis in Arizona.

The Vegetative Stage

As your cannabis plants transition into the vegetative stage they will be able to handle more resources for production. In a short amount of time, Arizona’s scorching sun can foster incredible growth. During this stage ensure that you are providing plenty of water as the lack of humidity will push the plant harder. Depending on how big you want your plant to be, this stage can last between four and seven weeks. Nutrition is important as it provides the elements for a strong root system, which is important for the next stage: flowering. 


When the pre-flowers start to develop, it’s time to start to take advantage of that sunlight. The majority of your weed plant’s life will be as your flowers grow and swell. Various nutrient ratios are necessary for your cannabis plant, including potassium for bud development and phosphorus to ensure that it can use as much water as it needs. 

To prevent your massive flowers from toppling over, use a trellis or staking system. The flowering stage will last between 7 and 13 weeks, depending on the strain you are growing.

When most of the trichomes on your Arizona-grown weed are cloudy and amber, the THC is at its peak and it’s time to harvest. 

Is it Better to Grow Indoors or Outdoors?

Outdoor cultivation in Arizona offers a unique opportunity for your cannabis to be able to have as much light as it needs. But because the weather can be tricky, some people may prefer to grow plants indoors. Depending on which one you select, your Arizona cannabis seeds may perform differently. 

Outdoor Growing

Growing your marijuana outdoors is a great way to produce a large yield from your Arizona cannabis seeds during an extended growing season. There are some tips if you decide to grow your pot outside: 

  • To make the most of the sun if you’re growing outside, choose a Sativa.
  • As the top layer can quickly begin to cook the roots, cover the roots of your plants with mulch or leaves.
  • Water your plants regularly as the arid heat will sap all of the moisture from your garden.
  • If you notice that your fan leaves have been harmed by light, try protect your weed with mesh coverings to help diffuse the light.

Indoor Growing

Some people prefer to grow their Arizona cannabis seeds indoors, especially those seeking Indica strains, since they do not thrive in hotter climates. There are some advantages to indoor cultivation that may help with your choice. 

  • Controlling every aspect of the climate makes it easy to give your plant optimal growing conditions.
  • Insects and pests will have a difficult time getting to your plants.
  • Your indoor plants can produce huge yields with the right training.

It is important to remember that greenhouse growing is a great option for Arizona cannabis seeds. These structures can make the most of the sun’s power and give plants a place to rest when they need it. This includes support from air conditioners, sprinklers, and sun-blocking panels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to start growing cannabis seeds in Arizona? Check out some of the questions that we are asked the most when people are looking to buy marijuana seeds online. 

Can you order marijuana seeds in ARIZONA?

Yes, if you are 25 miles away from a medical dispensary and have the proper licensing, you can start growing. Using online seed banks like Farmers Lab Seeds will be the best place to find quality seeds for sale.

Are weed seeds illegal in Arizona?

It is illegal to bring weed seeds across state lines so it’s important to find an online seed bank with a presence in the state. Because seeds are treated the same as plants, you can have them without breaking the law. 

How can I buy weed seeds online in Arizona?

Visit Farmers Lab Seeds to place an order and receive free delivery within the state. This is the simplest way to buy cannabis seeds online in Arizona. All the strains, with a variety of hybrids, are available there and certified to grow in the state.  

Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Arizona?

Yes, it is legal to grow Arizona cannabis seeds for both personal use and medical purposes. Recreational growers can have up to six plants on their property. Medical users may grow up to 12. But note that you are not allowed to sell any of the flowers from your plants. 

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Arizona?

Ready to purchase cannabis seeds in Arizona? When you order from Farmers Lab Seeds, the process is simple. Just pick the weed seeds you want from a huge selection of CBD, feminized, autoflower, or regular varieties, checkout with any of our payment options, and wait for them to arrive. 

Our goal is to deliver the best Arizona cannabis seeds to you with no hassle. We provide a seed bank mandate that includes the following: 

  • All of our genetics are certified meaning they are what they say; 
  • We hand check every seed to ensure you’re getting the best;
  • Sealed from the environment, our packaging will keep your seeds fresh;
  • Our packaging, which uses naturally derived resins and hemp-based boxes, reflects the time and effort you’ll be investing in your marijuana. 

There really is no better time to shop at Farmers Lab Seeds. Come check out our current promotions and wide selection of strains.  

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