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The latest advancements in agriculture have given us many innovative solutions. In the past, people were completely dependent on the weather conditions to harvest plants. Now, the situation is changed. Some plants are completely independent of weather conditions. This is because we can either control the weather or we have found some breeds of plants which we can control easily. Autoflower seeds are one of the best examples of advancement in agricultural technology.

What is Auto-flowering

To understand the auto-flowering, you must first understand the regular flower pattern of the plants. The plants will produce flowers in summer mostly. Some plants will produce flowers in the winter but these plants are really rare. This means that the plants require a specific amount of heat and specific time of light to produce flowers. Auto-flowering plants are the ones that do not require specific weather conditions. They will change their vegetative state to the reproductive stage automatically. They will produce flowers even when the weather conditions are not right so they are called the auto-flowering plants.

Autoflowering in Cannabis

Cannabis requires up to 20 weeks of regular growth to harvest. In the regular cannabis plant, flowering will not occur until plants get a high amount of sunlight and the weather conditions are right. Autoflower cannabis will start producing flowers after 7 weeks of germination. This cannabis is an amazing plant because it can be harvested multiple times. The regular cannabis will not produce flowers and they have male and female parts differently. Autoflowering cannabis only has female parts and they are auto fertilized. This process is called parthenocarpy.

Types of Cannabis plants

There are many different types of cannabis plants. The first type is considered a shrub in many areas of the world. This is because the shrub has less active ingredients. There is less CBD oil in these plants. Another type is the special plant that has a high concentration of active ingredients and these plants are specially grown for their active ingredients. These plants can also be divided into two types according to their growth. The autoflower seeds are mostly shrub types. This means they will grow quickly and give harvest early instead of growing too tall. The other type according to growth is the tall cannabis plant. These plants will require 20 weeks to harvest. They can grow up to 2 meters tall and give a better harvest one time.

Autoflower seeds vs regular seeds

When you are looking for seeds, you will have to look for the right type. There are many different types of cannabis seeds available in the market. Some cannabis seeds are shrub type and they are also not autoflower. Regular cannabis seeds will also look like auto-flowering cannabis seeds. There is no difference in the appearance and how you are going to plant these seeds. Their availability is also a concern because autoflower seeds are only available at some special shops and they are not available everywhere in the market. These seeds are usually expensive than the regular types of seeds.

Benefits of auto-flowering

Autoflowering is an amazing phenomenon. For the plants which require special care like cannabis, this is equal to a miracle. There are a lot of benefits associated with auto-flowering cannabis. Some of the benefits of these cannabis seeds are given below.

  • Multiple harvests

As we all know that the cannabis plant can be harvested only after it has left its vegetative state and it has entered the reproductive stage. In the reproductive stage, the plant will start flowering and the amount of active ingredient in the plant will increase drastically. Autoflower seeds can help in multiple harvests because there is less limitation in maturing of the plant. When the plant is ready, we can harvest. As the plant matures quickly, it will grow rapidly. We can go for multiple harvest strategies.

  • Fast harvest

In case, you do not want multiple harvests but you only want to start using cannabis as early as possible, autoflower seeds will help you with that. These seeds will mature within seven weeks of germination so you can always harvest it quickly. Without The auto-flowering breed, plants had to be harvested after 20 weeks.

  • Hidden plant

These seeds will give rise to a shrub type of cannabis plant. It is a short plant so it will not be visible to the public even when you are living in a small space. Another reason the plant can remain hidden is the requirement of outdoor light. The auto-flowering plant will not require a huge amount of light to produce flowers so you can keep them inside in little light. This is especially important in areas where cannabis cultivation is not allowed for the general public. Another reason can be the opinion of the public. Some people will not like you if you grow cannabis so it is better to hide your plant and get an even better harvest.

  • Less space requirement

In the case of non-autoflowering seed, the plants will mature according to you the light. The plants which are in the flowering stage and which are in a vegetative state need to be placed separately. This is because the vegetative state plant will require more light to enter the flowering stage. The flowering cannabis will require less light to maintain the high concentration of the active ingredient. We cannot keep both of these plants together so we need more space to accommodate these plants. Autoflowering is different because it will not require any separation for different stages. The flowering plant and vegetative plants can be kept at the same location so you can increase your harvest in a smaller space.

  • Weather independent

This is an especially important parameter of the auto-flowering seeds. The first thing a seed will do is germinate. These seeds will require less specific conditions for germination. After the germination, they will not require a specific amount of light to start the reproductive phase. This means that Autoflower seed is independent of the weather conditions.

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