So You Want to Buy Weed Online?

The world is changing.  If you asked us at Farmers Lab 5 years ago that some states would be legally allowing residents to buy weed online, we would have been flabbergasted.  Yet here we are in 2017 with one state after another decriminalizing, legalizing and recreationalizing marijuana.  As a result, access is changing dramatically as people can now acquire marijuana from more and more sources be it through online dispensaries or ways As with all powerful tools, the internet can be used for great things but as a wise man once said, with great power comes great responsibility.  And that responsibility lies with the consumer to take time and do the research to understand the risks, best practices, and advantages of ordering online. Here at Farmers Lab Seeds, we are advocates of the medical and recreational use of marijuana and realize for many people cultivation may not be the best solution to obtain the weed they need or want.  Additionally, not all parts of your province or state may have easily accessible dispensaries, thereby necessitating the need to source other options.  Online shopping is definitely one of those and through a few simple steps, and depending on where you live, one should be able to access quality weed for your needs. The first thing you want to do if you want to buy weed to find a licensed seller.  These can be dispensaries or growers with the legal licensing that allows them to sell in their region.  As there is money to be made illegally selling pot-indeed as there always has been buyers need to be sure that it is a qualified source.  So many things can go wrong from getting the wrong strain, a fake product or having weed that has illegal additives and other stimulants, it is absolutely necessary that you vet the source as much as possible Unfortunately, it’s probably easier to find illegal sources than legal when one is trying to buy weed online from forums to banner ads on grow sites, the net is proliferated in the shady sellers hawking dubious product.  It’s unfortunate, as this, what gives our entire industry a bad name, and scares regulators from allowing the expeditious path to grand scale legalization-but perhaps that’s a discussion for another day.

Things to look out for when you buy weed online

  1.  Take a look at the site as a whole.  Does it look like time and energy was put into its construction?  Today it is very easy to throw up a site.  Look to see if they discuss marijuana in medical terms for therapeutic use.  Look to see if they provide much reference material, user forums or customer reviews.  Try and get a sense of how old the site is.  Look to see if it is a member of any accreditation boards (BBB) or industry associations.  Look to see if they make mention of whether they are licensed or not.
  2. Google the site, with search terms like “reviews” or “scams”.  If they are about to scam you, odds are they have scammed someone else and that someone has likely p posted the experience.
  3. Google “who is” (the site).  This will lead you to a number of sites that can tell you where it is registered, how old it is and potentially who the owner is..

When you buy weed online, what kind?

If you are going to consume marijuana for either medical or recreational benefit, it’s important that you first take ownership of what works for you and what is available on the market.  There are hundreds of strains on the market all having different combinations of cannabinoids that can have a variety of psycho and physical effects on the consumer. Don’t be overwhelmed, just view it as a research project into your own well-being.   There are countless information sites and medical marijuana forums that will help point you in the right direction. Things you should consider:  Are you seeking an indica or saliva or a hybrid.  Learn the different attributes of both and how they could affect you.  Once you determine this you can narrow down the strains that may be best suited for your needs.  Also, determine what time of day you intend to consume weed.  Some strains are better for daytime use than nighttime and vice versa.   Also, learn about the way that you can consume cannabis products from smoking, vaping, tinctures, and even topicals.  The marijuana industry is literally exploding with different products facilitating all kinds of consumer options

Best Practice to  buy weed online:

This is completely dependent on where you live.  In Canada, for example, dispensaries that are licensed by Health Canada are 100% legally allowed to sell weed online to patients who are medically qualified.  Don’t and I repeat, don’t buy weed from forums, Craigslist or other sites that anyone can throw up an ad on.

Farmers Lab Summary to Buy Weed Online

  • Vet the source and ensure it is reputable

    • Look for a proven reputation and background check whenever possible through sites like and other sites.
  • Understand your own personal needs

    • Find a supplier that specializes in your specific needs and don’t settle for something that isn’t what you specifically need
    • Make sure the product that you pay for is what you are getting.
  • Ensure the products that are being sold have been tested.

    • As stated earlier, anyone can throw up a website and sell something.  A reputable site is licensed and engages regularly with testing labs to ensure purity and quality of their products.  Try and seek these vendors as you will save money and protect your health which is always the best strategy long term.
At Farmers Lab Seeds, we are somewhat prejudiced to suggesting you should cultivate your own-insuring you are capable of controlling how and what you put in your body.  As stated earlier, we also understand for a myriad of reasons, this may not be convenient and you may want to seek final product.  Using these guidelines, we hope you get what you are seeking and find the natural benefits of marijuana we all know are there.
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