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At Farmers Lab Seeds, we offer a wide variety of seeds from the auto-flowering species to the feminized varieties. You can also choose the seeds having high levels of CBD if you are trying to achieve an intense level of high. We serve our customers with seeds protected by blister seals. The strains are developed by genetically modifying them according to the needs and requirements of the customers.


AK 47 Autoflower 65S/35i 20% Daytime
Northern Lights Regular 95i/5s 23% Nighttime
White Widow Strain Feminized 70s/30i 17% Daytime

Is Buying Marijuana Seeds in Florida Legal?

Marijuana Seeds is legal to buy in the state of Florida

Yes, buying Marijuana Seeds is legal in Florida. You can buy high quality marijuana seeds from seed banks like Farmers Lab Seeds. However, it is not legal to grow or cultivate marijuana seeds in Florida yet. Attempts are being continuously made to legalize the cultivation of marijuana seeds Florida and upcoming changes in the federal laws are likely to do it.

It is legal to buy marijuana seeds and own these types of cannabis seeds in Florida – and when you put that alongside the fact that our team here at Farmer’s Lab Seeds offer specific strains of weed with enhanced medical properties and reduced side effects, there’s no reason as to why you couldn’t start growing your own cannabis plants from the comfort of your own home.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Florida

Growing marijuana seeds in Florida is complicated. There is more open space for recreational growth. When a farmer takes the responsibility for an illegal crop, if they don’t register with them, it can lead to a lengthy jail sentence and a long fine. Some people are advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida.

The state has a CBD-specific law, which went into effect in July 2017, that allows registered patients to possess and use low-THC cannabis products. However, this does not allow for cannabis cultivation in Florida.

A bill was filed in early 2018 that would have allowed for the legal cultivation of marijuana seeds or marijuana plants in Florida, but it did not make it through the legislative process.

The state has a very limited medical marijuana program that was passed in 2014. The program only allows for the use of non-smokable marijuana products by patients with certain specific medical conditions. However, The program does not allow for the legal cultivation of marijuana seeds or marijuana plants in Florida.

There has been some progress made on the issue of legalization in recent years. In 2016, a constitutional amendment was passed that legalized medical marijuana in Florida. However, the amendment did not make it legal to cultivate marijuana seeds or marijuana plants in Florida.

Trusted Cannabis Seed Bank in Florida

trusted cannabis seed bank in the US

Farmers Lab Seeds as we are a reputed and reliable seed bank and seller of marijuana seeds online. If you wish to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Florida, you can check out the various types of weed seeds available on our seed bank website and buy any type of weed seeds you want. As a trusted cannabis seed bank in Florida, we offer feminized cannabis seeds, fast flower cannabis seeds, auto-flowering cannabis seeds, CBD cannabis seeds, and many more varieties.

Whether you are all beginner or veteran Florida growers of marijuana, we extend support right from choosing the right seed type to growing the seeds. Our auto-flowering cannabis seeds are easy to grow as they begin flowering irrespective of the amount of light they receive and you can harvest them within two months. If you are a grower, then you can buy marijuana seeds online from our seed bank website that produce only female marijuana plants. It will be a reliable and economic option as they produce buds.

Our cannabis seeds stand out from the other weed seeds available in the market because they are blister sealed to keep the freshness intact. The cannabis seeds are carefully examined for structural integrity and are genetically manufactured with world-class processes. We sell specific strains of marijuana seeds obtained from the topmost breeders of the world. You can also check out growing advice and steps for growing Florida cannabis seeds to grow then when the laws of cultivating ease up.

Best Cannabis Strain for
Migraines and Headaches

Marijuana is effective in treating illnesses and pain but some cannabis strains are specifically used to treat migraines and headaches. Here are five cannabis strains that you can buy if you are suffering from migraines or having headaches.

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Florida


OG Kush Marijuana has high levels of THC which is great for providing instant relief from painful illnesses like migraines. In addition to this, its CBD component is responsible for providing lasting relief from pain. It has 20% THC, which is enough to cure pain and give relaxation to your mind.


Harlequin strain of marijuana cures the migraine before it grows to uncontrollable levels. It utilizes its THC and CBD components to give a mild buzz while treating the pain. It contains about 4-7% THC and 8-16% CBD content.

Harlequin Cannabis Seeds