To germinate seeds for outdoor planting, use sterile soil, and for indoor planting use a hydroponic medium. Avoid using jiffy cubes as some research has show peat cubes can stunt the growth of plants.

Keep your germinating seeds moist at all times, and do not allow light to reach them, as this can inhibit growth. Pots should be covered completely with black paper or kept in a light-proofed area. Transplant as little as possible, as transplant shock can also slow the growing process of a new plant. You can avoid this altogether by planting in rockwool.

To germinate a seed in vermiculite solution, cut a hole in the bottom of a 16 oz. cup and fill with vermiculite, then plant your seed and place the cup in a weak nutrient solution. To germinate a seed in rockwool, simply place a seed in a small rockwool cube, watering to keep it moist, and move your cube into larger slabs of rockwool as the plant grows.

To germinate a seed for outdoor growth, fill a sterilised pot with sterile soil. You can cut holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage and fill the top ½” with vermiculite to help start your seed. You can use a 5-55-17 soil blend to stimulate the root growth of germinating seeds and seedlings. Hydrate with a 1:3 mixture of nutrient solution and distilled water.

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