New L.A. Restaurants Mix Cannabis And Fine Dining

CREDIT: Rozette Rago, Time Out

You’re probably no stranger to the concept of edibles, but the idea of fine dining with cannabis-based foods may be a little new to me.  It’s a concept that chef Chris Sayegh is running full speed behind with his project, a restaurant called Herb.

He’s hoping to open the restaurant in L.A. starting in September.  In order to attend, guests will have to buy tickets online, and with that ticket will come a multi-course cannabis-based fine dining meal, with the option of adding wine.  They also include an Uber ride home, to make sure everyone gets home safe.

Sayegh isn’t the first to have the idea, as several other similar cannabis dining spots have been sparking up here and there.  But there is a barrier to the whole process; California law still doesn’t recognize the right for people to recreationally use marijuana in public spaces.

Other similar cannabis dining establishments in L.A. include PopCultivate, which opened up in August of 2016.  That spot was opened up by Chris Yang, who started at the restaurant Paiche which is now shut down.

Yang admitted the process of learning how to properly dose marijuana in food was a bit of a challenge:

“There’s been some trial and error with butter.  In the beginning, I had a couple of friends passed out on my couch for hours.”

However, at this point, he says he has totally figured out how to dose properly, even including CBD to calm guests at the end of the event.

For a niche group of chefs out there who are enthusiastic about the marijuana industry, these new pop-up restaurants serving guests cannabis based food products is an exciting new world to dabble in.  Yet another example of the cannabis industry shining its light on the rest of the economy!”

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