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Our Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana otherwise known as cannabis is a dioecious plant. It is commonly used as a psychoactive drug.  One of the chemical compounds, THC (delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol) is an important psychoactive substance that is responsible for the feeling of “getting high”.

Growing your own Marijuana:

Many people are choosing to grow their own cannabis seeds rather than purchasing cured cannabis flowers from a medical marijuana dispensary.  The reasons for this are varied including:

  1.  Greater Access to varieties of specialty strains
  2. Economic opportunity of reducing costs associated with purchasing already grown and cured weed
  3. Limited access to cured marijuana due to legal constraints
  4. Capacity to control the nutrients and have knowledge of the purity of what one chooses to put in ones body.

How are Marijuana Seeds Produced

Since marijuana is a dioecious plant, their reproductive organs are not found on the same plant. They are grown separately-meaning like mammals, there are both male and female plants. For the plant to reproduce, the female marijuana must be pollinated with the male plant, after which the female will then produce seeds.. These seeds are then harvested for processing.

All seeds start out as hermaphrodites, meaning they have the capacity to turn into either a male or female seed.  By using modern methods, these seeds can be “forced” into developing into Female Seeds that will flower.  These are called “Feminized Seeds”

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Farmers Lab Seeds has a North American-wide toll free number with direct access to grow experts, seed experts or if you just have general inquiries.  We also have live chat and email if you prefer typing than talking

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The Current Status of the Marijuana Industry

As of June 2017, the industry had become a major job contributor to the US economy. The economy has employed over 230,000 people both as part-time and full-time workers. With the growing number of people who work in this industry, it is said to surpass telemarketers and pharmacists. In fact, for an industry that had only begun to operate legally in 2009, their employment rate is highly impressive. This estimated data was released in Marijuana Business Factbook 2017.

In this factbook, there is an estimated data that shows weed industry has become a fast viable economic force. This is because the demand for recreational cannabis is continuously increasing. Just last year, there were 4 states that approved and legalized this demand. This year Ohio and Pennsylvania have legalized it as well. Whereas Louisiana established a law that allows commercial cultivation and sales of the said medical plant, in California, this recreational marijuana has generated an annual retail income of $5 billion. With this income, it will generate a massive business and employment opportunities within the state.

According to the US Cannabis Industry, they have predicted that by 2021, its annual retail economy will increase up to $70 billion. It is an eye-popping figure based on the annual statistics of the American economy. Furthermore, its legalization, retail sales had shown no signs of it decreasing. As more states became open in legalizing the use of the product, individuals can now take advantage of using the plant without having to go to the black market.

The impact of the weed industry has created a broader economy as time goes on. This data has surely given public officials to rethink about their stand against marijuana especially since it has contributed a lot of income towards their economy.

Mark from Fort Lauderdale

My seeds came individually sealed in blister packs.  Made me feel certain that the seeds were good, safe and I could store the ones I dont use till spring!

Did you know?

All Farmers Lab Seeds are hand-examined for imperfections that may prohibit germination and health.  Once each seed is approved, it is individually blister sealed for freshness and protection

Why People Use Marijuana Seeds

There are various reasons why a number of individuals use marijuana seeds. They could be for recreational purposes or for medicinal purposes. Here are the most common reasons why seeds are popular among individuals both as in its seed form and as a matured plant:

  • Marijuana seeds promote health

This seed is a fantastic source of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. The omega 3 (alpha linoleic acid) that helps improve cardiovascular health. It also lowers cholesterol levels, whereas the omega 6 (gamma linoleic acid) helps improve in balancing hormones. They also reduce symptoms that are related to menopause and PMS.

· They are an excellent source of protein – The plant is rich in protein. It is a healthier alternative source of diet that is low in carbohydrates and fats. Aside from it being healthy, they are also easy to digest.

  • Promotes a healthier weight management

The seed itself is tasty. So, if your goal is to lose weight, this is a fantastic way of doing so especially since they offer a lot of nutrition. They can also preserve the taste of the food making you feel less hungry. However, if your goal is to gain weight, this seed can be used as a supplement in making your body look more buffer or at least maintain muscles.

  • Promotes a truly healthy wellness being

Other benefits when using this seed is that it helps decrease joint and muscle inflammation. You feel energized throughout the day. Your blood pressure and cardiovascular function will start to improve as well because of the fatty acids. In addition, they can protect your brain from inflicting Alzheimer’s or other mental diseases.

Over the years, the use of marijuana seed has considerably grown. Whether people use it for its health benefits, medicinal benefits, or for recreational purpose, it does not stop its impact towards them and the economy as a whole. It is safer to say that the problems of getting the product from the black market are no longer an issue.

Farmers Lab Seeds offers 4 varieties of marijuana seeds-Regular, Feminized, Auto-flowering and Medicinal

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