Durban Poison Feminized Seed


Start growing with Durban Poison Feminized Seeds! This pure plant type loves the sun, just like its home in South Africa. It grows strong and fast, making your garden look great. Durban Poison has a special smell that mixes sweet and spicy. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to grow a lively and strong plant. From when you plant the seeds until you see the beautiful buds, you’ll enjoy every step. Bring a bit of Durban’s sunshine to your garden with these seeds.

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What are Durban Poison Feminized Seeds?

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds are special because they always grow into strong plants that love the sun. These seeds come from Durban, a city in South Africa. People around the world like them because they grow well and are of high quality.

Where do they come from?

In the 1970s, people found Durban Poison in Durban, South Africa. It became very popular because of its special qualities. Later, it was brought to the United States, where people made it even better, making sure it grows strong and tall.

What makes these seeds special?

  • Type: They are a pure kind of plant that loves sunlight.
  • Looks: They grow into tall plants with long, tight buds that sparkle.
  • Taste: They have a mix of sweet and spicy flavors, like licorice and a little bit of spice.

Cool things to know

  • Tough Plants: These seeds turn into plants that can handle different kinds of weather and places.
  • When to Pick: If you plant them outside, they’re ready to pick in late September or early October.

How to grow them?

The Right Place

They like places that are warm and sunny, just like Durban.

The Best Soil

They do well in soil that drains water well and has lots of food for plants.


Give them water regularly, but make sure not to give them too much.

Cutting Back

Cutting some parts off the plants helps them grow better and lets air move around them more.

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds are perfect for anyone who wants to grow their own plants. They’re easy to take care of and grow into beautiful, tall plants.


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