Black Domina

Strain information and Review: Black Domina

Black Domina is a super powerful indica that’s capable of truly dominating the senses. As it sedates the user into a relaxing and sleepy couchlock, it’s perfect for evening use. Many consume Black Domina in order to address several conditions, including stress, insomnia, and chronic pain. Black Domina is predominantly indica, so you should be careful of its sedative effects. Users describe the initial high it offers as uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing.


Black Domina is a reputed feminized Marijuana strain. Also, it is unquestionably one of the most popular Indicas in history. Black Domina was discovered in 1998 by Sensi Seeds breeders. Black Domina Feminized is made up of four of the finest indica strains ever discovered. These cannabis strains were collected from the world’s premium indica-producing regions. Sensi Seeds meticulously combined the four powerful Indicas: Canadian Ortega, Afghani SA, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant to create a strain that’s greater than all of these put together: a feminized 95% indica type that’s quite different from its parent varieties.


The Black Domina strain has a gorgeous scent with a nutty and earthy aroma along with subtle hints of citrus. When it comes to flavor, Black Domina has a combination of smoky and spicy tastes that’s hashish. In other words, it’s not for those who love a sweet taste.

The look of a Black Domina is a visual treat for marijuana aficionados. It has deep purple nugs that are thick and dense. When you first look at it, it may seem black. Moreover, the beautiful plant has a generous coating of lovely reddish-orange pistils and gummy, frosty trichomes.

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Sensi Seeds developed this Black Domina strain, especially for indoor growing with the help of a hydroponic setup. This feminized cannabis strain is adaptable and responds greatly to the SOG method. This method helps in early flowering. Besides, it enables breeders to grow a greater number of plants in an enclosed space. The best part about the SOG method is that special cultivation skills are not required, for example, pruning or training will not be necessary.

If you choose to grow the Black Domina strain indoors using the hydroponics system, its flowering period is between seven and eight weeks. Planted indoors, these plants generally provide 14-16 ounces per square meter. The Black Domina strain is perfect for first-time growers as it is extremely resistant to pests and mold. The plant seems to grow up to 4.5 feet indoors.

As far as outdoor growing is concerned, you may try to grow it in a Mediterranean climate, however, it’s not recommended. If you are successful, the yield may be up to 14 ounces per plant. Early October is the ideal time to harvest the Black Domina strain plants.

Breeders can purchase seeds of the powerful Black Domina fem and Black Domina fast from reliable seed labs such as Farmers Lab Seeds.


Black Domina is 95% Indica. The world-renowned organization, Sensi Seeds, created Black Domina from four strains: Ortega, Hash Plant, Northern Lights, and Afghani SA.

The breeders started with Northern Lights, which was reputed as one of the best indicas ever created, and was well known for its resin production. Later, they added Ortega, which is a less reputed descendant of Northern Lights. It concentrates on the pain-relieving, euphoric, and soporific qualities of its parent strain. Sensi’s own Hash Plant was the next to be added. It is highly dependable and generous as far as resin production is concerned.

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Hash Plant blends substantial yield with a short flowering time and brings these characteristics to the feminized Black Domina. In the end, the breeder carefully chose the well-preserved Afghani cultivar known as SA (known to have originated in the phenomenal Hindu Kush Mountains) and added it to this awesome indica cocktail to provide the finishing touches of strong performance and dense, cylindrical colas.

As a result of such a rich and varied heritage, the Black Domina strain’s THC content differs from 12% to 24%. Besides, it consists of trace amounts of CBD, about 0.11%.

For a number of reasons, especially the varied genetic composition that includes four powerful indicas, the Black Domina is a great choice among commercial breeders, though it is not a completely stable strain.



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