Amnesia Cannabis

Amnesia is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the world. While it’s possible to plant it indoors, it requires proper conditions to grow. If you are interested in knowing every detail about this plant, you will find it here!

History of THE Amnesia Strain

There are multiple versions of the history of Amnesia. That’s because many breeders have cultivated the strain from different parts of the world. But, the most acclaimed breeder of this strain is David Watson from the USA, who is also known as am the Skunkman’.

Mr. Watson developed Amnesia in the ’90s after researching various strains from Jamaica, Thailand, Hawaiian Island, and Afghanistan. Once he researched these strains, he crossed them with Neville’s Haze from the Netherlands.

Amnesia Haze was a popular strain since then but it remained as a Dutch clone-only weed for a few years. Later, a seed variety was created and it became worldwide popular. In 2004, the strain won the Cannabis Cup and growers started to cultivate it wisely.

According to another theory, Amnesia is believed to be a cross-breed of Enemy of the State (Indica) and Neville’s Haze. Some people differ and believe that it’s a breed between Jamaican landrace and South Asian strains. Despite the debate, only a few growers made this clone-only strain available in the initial years.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance OF THE AMNESIA STRAIN

Amnesia is a Sativa dominant strain with high THC levels. the Sativa to Indica ratio of this strain is 80:20. The strain has a wonderful smell that’ll remind you of citrus and lemon. It’s a little pungent with a fruity tinge. The flavor of the strain is also citrusy and lemony, which results in a pungent earthy flavor.

Many smokers love the aroma of amnesia as they find it quite inviting. And the flavor is also a pleasant one with a mild aftertaste. Also, the strain is known for its smooth smoke. The strain has very nominal chances of coughing.

The sweet and lemony flavor is the main attraction of amnesia, which has made it quite famous among smokers. Also, the strain has a sugary taste that makes it a winner among other strains. When the strain is inhaled, the lemony and sugary flavor dominates the taste buds. During exhale, the earthiness predominates the taste buds.

Strain Grow Information OF AMNESIA

Just like other strains, amnesia requires specific conditions to grow healthily. First, you need to make sure that the plant gets ample light. Also, you need to plant it in a large pot so that the plant gets enough space to grow.

The preferred temperature for growing amnesia is 70 degrees F-85 degree F. But, the growth may hugely depend on the quality of the seeds you collect. Hybrid seeds are the best ones that you can buy online or in person.

You also need the right pesticides to grow amnesia indoors. If you are able to monitor the plant consistently, it’ll ensure proper growth. Any change in the condition can hamper the growth of amnesia, which you need to avoid.

Amnesia is one of those strains that require the time and attention of the grower. It’s not the easiest to grow and so, you need a lot of patience till harvest time. You need to feed the plant with good compost and apply pesticides to keep it safe from insects.

Amnesia usually starts flowering after two-three months of planting. You need to check the flowering time minutely to ensure its health. If you take care of all these conditions, your amnesia plant will nourish and grow without any problem.

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Strain Genetics OF AMNESIA

As mentioned above, amnesia is a popular strain with a high CBD level. And it’s a cross-breed strain with 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica properties. The BHO performance of the amnesia strain is 24 percent.

Amnesia plant has medium medicinal value and many people use it for calmness. The plant requires 60-70 days to grow indoors and the best time to mature is mid-October. The odor of this plant is quite higher than some other strains.


Now that you know every detail about amnesia strain, just go ahead and plant it while following all the tips above. You’ll surely be able to plant it indoors if you ensure the right conditions.

Amnesia Strain

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