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Cannabis Industry Predictions for 2017

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2016 was a booming and gratifying year for the cannabis industry! From skyrocketing stocks, to reductions in crime, to becoming an economic crutch for small towns, the industry has proven as viable and beneficial as any.

As the year comes to a close, experts are already looking towards what the cannabis movement has in store for next year. Check out below for Forbes bold industry predictions for 2017:

  1. Los Angeles to take over as the marijuana capital in the United States.
  2. The ongoing fight to allow professional athletes—particularly those in the NFL—to use cannabis for pain treatment will continue
  3. A primetime network to develop a show focused on cannabis use.
  4. Demand for craft marijuana will see major growth in the next year. From organic-forward features to celebrity endorsements; marketing, branding, and packaging will rule the industry in 2017.
  5. Potential solution for the ongoing cannabis recycling crisis, which stems from marijuana producers being forced to destroy crops that fail testing instead of using them for other purposes.The Cannabis industry has a lot to look forward to in this coming year!
Mac Jackman