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3 Health Benefits Of Consuming Raw Cannabis

A close up of a cannabis plant with green leaves, showcasing the health benefits of raw cannabis.
A close up of a cannabis plant with green leaves, showcasing the health benefits of raw cannabis._SCALED

Eating a bundle of raw cannabis leaves might not be your first idea of a tasty treat, but there may be more health benefits packed into those greens than you think.  In fact, some health enthusiasts are suggesting that cannabis could become the next big superfood thanks to all the good stuff packed into the plant.

Consuming raw cannabis will not get you high, but it could heighten your health.  That makes it a great nutrient-rich candidate for people to add to their diets, even if they aren’t a fan of the psychoactive functions.

Here are just three of the health benefits of raw cannabis you might not know about:

#1 Fiber

Like many greens, raw cannabis is filled with all kinds of healthy fiber that can be a great addition to your diet.  It’s important to keep high-fiber products such as cannabis in your regular diet to keep your digestive system in proper order.

To add some fiber to your diet, you can add raw cannabis leaves to smoothies, salads, as a dish garnish or anything else.  Some people do find the raw leaf is a little irritating to the stomach, so you might be better off to process it somehow.

#2 Vitamins

Unsurprisingly, the cannabis leafy-green is also packed with important vitamins that can be added to your health, such as:

  • Folate
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • Anti-oxidants

#3 Cannabinoid Acids

Cannabinoid acids are one of the things that really makes cannabis special as a raw plant to add to your diet.  With more than 100 cannabinoid chemicals packed into the cannabis plant, it’s a great source for these surprisingly helpful compounds.

Studies suggest that non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in cannabis can have similar functions to many medications, including pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs.”

Mac Jackman