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Cannabis Beauty Products: The Industry’s New Frontier?

A person holding a dropper bottle of cannabis beauty products.
A person holding a dropper bottle of cannabis beauty products._SCALED
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With laws around CBD and THC in flux all over the US, new products infused with parts of the plant are entering the market.  One of those markets that CBD is making a huge splash in is the beauty industry.

Jesse Blades, makeup artist and founder of Blades Natural Beauty in 2008, says cannabis beauty products are especially useful for dealing with skin issues:

“So much of what people are experiencing on their skin are issues that at the root are related to stress, lack of sleep, inflammation and pain.”

She particularly suggests trying a product called Lavender + Frankincense Face Oil, which moisturizes the skin.  Unfortunately, the product is not available in all states and requires physician approval to use.

Indeed, the number of cannabis-infused skin products is increasing every day.  Karla Welch, a big-time stylist for stars like Justin Beiber and Olivia Wilde, demonstrated the power of CBD products when she presented her clients with a foot cream she calls “the absolute cure for aching feet on the red carpet.”

Cannabis beauty products are not psychoactive at all, and users don’t have to worry about getting high from these products.  The lotions and creams don’t enter the bloodstream deeply, keeping your body clean from the chemicals that would set off a drug test.

The healing properties of cannabis beauty products for the skin could go even further than beauty, too.  One nurse, Jordan Person, who founded a Colorado business called Primal Therapeutics, offers cannabis-infused products to patiences with everything from cancer to diabetic neuropathy.  Her products are salves and oils that sooth and treat patients, and she swears by them.  She says she has yet to find a CBD infused product that doesn’t offer the benefits it claims.

The legalization and regulation of CBD and THC is churning out new products and applications all the time.  It’s an exciting time for beauty-enthusiasts to marijuana-enthusiasts alike!”

Mac Jackman