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Bill Maher Brought A Huge Weed Cake To Live Television

The late show with Jimmy Fallon featuring Bill Maher.
The late show with Jimmy Fallon featuring Bill Maher._SCALED
CREDIT: Monsters and Critcs

HBO late night host Bill Maher is well-known for his unapologetic, sometimes rather blunt liberal politics.  He’s also known for being a big proponent of marijuana.  So while it wasn’t a huge surprise when Bill decided to bring a big marijuana-themed cake on live television, it was a bit of a surprise to see who delivered it.

Bill Maher had former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone on the set, and during their short interview, he brought up the topic of marijuana legalization:

“There’s an issue we agree on—marijuana.  You think [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions is wrong…to be such a hard-a** on marijuana.  Is that because you yourself are a Roger Stoner?”

With a laugh, Stone responded, “only when I’m in the states where it’s legal.  Candidate Trump said we should let the states decide.  He was absolutely right.”

It was a fun episode on a long-running show that has always been a proponent of legalization of marijuana.  Maher himself is an open user, and used the cake to note the occasion of his show’s 420th episode.

Perhaps the funniest thing about the whole occasion was that along with Roger Stone, Maher was hosting General Michael Hayden.  Bill didn’t miss the occasion to extend the offer to a member of the executive branch under which marijuana is still illegal:

“We’re going to share this after the show, Roger.  I know you say you’re not a stoner…this cake is completely baked with pot.  It is totally edible  Gentlemen, may I cut you a piece?”

While many criticize Bill Maher for his stubborn and sometimes condescending politics, the stoner community can probably agree we appreciate his public advocacy, and his way of making pot just a little more publicly acceptable.”

Mac Jackman