Can Marijuana Cure A Hangover?
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If you are hungover right now, you are likely looking for anything and everything that can help you feel better. There are many people out there that swear that marijuana can help cure an alcohol hangover.

And here’s why- There is scientific evidence that marijuana helps with problems related to having an  hangover. Many studies have shown that cannabis can help with the human body’s inflammatory response from the immune system. Marijuana has long been used to help reduce nausea. A study from earlier this year found that marijuana helps treat headaches, which is something that previous studies have also found.

Marijuana also has an intangible quality for treating marijuana hangovers. Consuming marijuana helps consumers endure conditions that would otherwise be unbearable, including an alcohol hangover. Marijuana is not a guaranteed fix for an alcohol hangover, but it can certainly help. A person still has to re-hydrate their body…


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