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Cannabis Facts You May Not Know

A green plant sprouting from a pot, potentially showcasing some interesting cannabis facts.

Cannabis Facts You May Not Know

The cannabis symbol is one of the most recognizable worldwide. It’s on clothing, stickers, key-chains, jewellery, mugs, etc. Part of its popularity is owing to its geographical distribution. It is found in all the continents of the world both as a legally and sometimes illegally farmed plant. It’s mostly popularized by the Rastafarian movement through their globally acclaimed reggae songs and culture. Surprisingly people still know very little about cannabis despite its widespread acclaim, distribution and its effects.

A green plant sprouting from a pot, potentially showcasing some interesting cannabis facts._SCALEDThe Cannabis plant. The marijuana plant grows to about 10 feet though it can hit 18-20 feet. The THC chemical is the most prevalent ingredient in the cannabis plant. THC stands for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. The cannabinoids stimulates the receptors of the brain when inhaled or consumed to produce the ‘high’ feeling. The three most common extracts from the cannabis plant are hashish, marijuana and hash oil.

Different Strains. The two known strains of cannabis are indica and saliva. There are lots of theories that try to differentiate the two. Even further there are hybrid strains most of which were developed from 1995 onwards. Most cannabis is bred in such a way that the farmer amplifies specific effects. Some are grown specifically for medicinal purposes, and a few are for mood-enhancing effects. There are those that are bred with a view of increasing their strong odor while others are grown for their quality Kush.

Psychological Effects. The effects of marijuana are many and varied. Most of it kicks in within a few minutes of inhalation or consumption. Most of the effects last within a few minutes to a few hours. Inhaled cannabis works faster on the body than those consumed through cakes and liquids. The effects range from euphoria, drowsiness, anxiety, paranoia and sometimes hallucinations. Some people experience dry mouths, glazed eyes, increased heart rate and increased appetite. The drug gives an overall sedative tranquillity.

Consumption. Cannabis can be easily rolled into a joint using rolling paper and added with tobacco to burn slower. It can be smoked using a cigar shell. There are unique types of pipes used to smoke cannabis which passes the smoke through water. This is regarded as an effective way of stopping the inhalation of carcinogens. There are also many edibles that can be made using cannabis or flavored with cannabis. The safest means of consuming marijuana is through inhalation using a vaporizer.

Street Names. Marijuana is decriminalized by but prohibited in many countries around the world. This means its possession or use carries a minor sentence or fines. Its famous names are Pot, Mary Jane, Reefer, grass, dope, bud, skunk, weed, pothead, chronic, ganja and herb. Its name varies across the world depending on region and local dialects.”

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