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Cannabis Flower Perfume!

A bottle of perfume on a table.

Do you love your cannabis enough to smell like it?

Years ago, when the cosmetics retailer Sephora asked perfumer Mark Crames to create a fragrance based on the scent of cannabis, he knew he faced a formidable challenge. He would have to capture the slightly animalistic, skunky cannabis vibe, but temper it to please the nose with notes of flowers and spice. Make it so beautiful people will spritz it on their neck and that soft spot on their wrists. Make it smell like fresh bud.

Crames went through several versions before developing a fragrance that wasn’t skunky or off-putting.

“I look at cannabis like liquor – it’s about capturing great, memorable tastes, smells and experiences,” he explained. “The first three versions we made were authentic, but you could not leave the house wearing it.”

That was 12 years ago. In the end, the perfume never made it to the shelf. Sephora said it wasn’t right for them, and later launched the Cannabis Santal line instead. Crames didn’t let the effort go to waste, though. In 2006 he released the perfume as “Cannabis Flower” under his own label, Demeter Fragrances. The fragrance has since become one of the most popular scents in the company’s product line.



Mac Jackman