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Cannabis In The Land Down Under

Australia, The Land Down Under, has been witnessing a constant flux for legalizing cannabis. The citizens are demanding the legalization of cannabis because of inspiration from countries like Canada which have legalized the use of marijuana throughout the country. Marijuana is mostly illegal in the Australian territory but there are different rules and regulations depending upon the type of cannabis use and the cities in Australia.

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Recreational use of cannabis is illegal in a greater part of Australia. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is the only city that has legalized the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. There are different penalties related to the violation of laws against marijuana that vary from state to state. In addition to this, the penalties depend upon the amount of marijuana found in the possession of the violators.

Marijuana for medical purposes is legal in Australia. A prescription stating the advice for marijuana use is required to get permission. The law for medical marijuana allows patients to possess only up to 50 grams of cannabis at a time. The people growing marijuana are allowed to cultivate only 2 plants per person or 4 plants per house in Australia. These guidelines are subject to variations from state to state.

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Various Australian states have their own laws regarding marijuana consumption and possession. Here’s a quick guide for marijuana laws in popular Australian states.


Only medical marijuana is legal in Queensland. To use marijuana for medical purposes, one must have a doctor’s prescription, clearly stating how marijuana will treat the ailment of the patients with strong scientific evidence. CBD oil, a product of cannabis, can also be used to treat certain ailments, but only with a prescription.


Recreational marijuana is illegal in Victoria. For obtaining marijuana for medical purposes, one needs a medical certificate from a physician. Children suffering from epilepsy can also get marijuana if they have a medical prescription.


The medical use and growth of marijuana are legal in New South Wales for people above the age of 18. The use of marijuana other than medical purposes is illegal in New South Wales. CBD oil is legal only until other cannabinoids don’t exceed 2% of the marijuana.


Recreational marijuana is illegal in Tasmania. Even for medical use, the patients must have chronic illnesses that can only be cured by marijuana. The patients must possess a specialist’s prescription to use marijuana for medical purposes.

In Northern Australian Territory, only medical marijuana is legal when followed by TGA guidelines. In Western Australia, along with the doctor’s prescription, the patients must not possess a history of cannabis abuse or mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, to have access to medical marijuana.

There are hefty fines and jail time if someone is found trafficking or possessing weed in quantities more than that of a “personal supply”. In states like Victoria, you may even be sentenced to life in prison, if found with marijuana in large quantities.


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The cultivators of marijuana need to gain a medical certificate to grow marijuana. There is a limit to the number of plants that people can grow in their homes in Australia and it’s generally two plants per person or four plants per household. In Queensland, you may be caught in trouble if your tenants are found growing marijuana on your property. To grow marijuana, you will need to gain a license from the Federal Government of Australia.

The Land Down Under, Australia, has specific climatic conditions that greatly affect the growth of marijuana and other plants here. Owing to its geographical location, the growing seasons in Australia extend from August to April. So you have 7-9 months to achieve your marijuana cultivation goals.

Order the seeds and begin the germination in August as the month is warm and supports the growth of marijuana plants very well. The Sativas are good for outdoor growing whereas Indicas are ideal for growing indoors as they don’t like so much heat.

You can also start with the seedlings indoors and transfer them outdoors when the ambient temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The young marijuana plants grow well with 12 hours of daylight, so keep a careful check on the amount of sunlight they receive. By November, you are all set to bring your marijuana plants outdoors.

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