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Cannabis Oil Gives Young Woman With Rare Disease Her Life Back

A woman standing on the steps of a house.
A woman standing on the steps of a house._SCALED

When she was just 19 years old, Amy Black was diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called sarcoidosis.  The disease, as well as the side effects from the medication she had to take to treat the disease, were leaving her with a much lower quality of life than she was enjoying before.

She explains:

“I’ve had days where I can’t get out of bed from the pain.  I lose sight in my left eye, I get crippling migraine, wake up in the night with horrible nerve pain, have regular tremors, difficulty breathing and get raised rashes on my skin.  I’m taking tablets daily, but they have horrible side effects.”

But upon researching alternative treatments to her condition, she came across the recommendation of cannabis oil.  She said doctors were initially against her using it, but she gave it a try anyway.

She hasn’t turned back since:

“I feel this is the first step to getting my life back to the way it was before diagnosis, and I was told I’d never feel that way ever again by doctors.”

She says she has had an incredible transformation since using the CBD pills, which do not make her feel ‘stoned’, but do treat her disease effectively.

Researchers are still determining the medicinal uses of the cannabis plant, and it’s not a confirmed treatment for Black’s disease yet.  But the industry is moving quickly, pharmaceutical companies are jumping on board, and study after study is demonstrating how cannabis can be a life-changer for many long term disease sufferers.”

Mac Jackman