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Cannabis Wedding Expo Aims To Bring Marijuana To Marriage

A cannabis wedding where the bride proudly holds a bouquet of marijuana leaves.
A cannabis wedding where the bride proudly holds a bouquet of marijuana leaves._SCALED

Denver, Colorado was home to the first-ever Cannabis Wedding Expo last year.  The event brought together hundreds of soon-to-be-weds, as well as 35 companies, that wanted to explore the possibility of a marijuana-centered wedding.

Does it sound like a crazy idea?  More and more people seem to be taking it very seriously.  The social stigma around marijuana is continuing to fade, especially in states with recreational marijuana such as Colorado, and with that trend comes the acceptance of ideas like this.

And really, is the idea so strange?  Wedding receptions are very very often accompanied by an open bar.  It may just so happen that some couple prefer that that “bar” be filled with cannabis products for guests to partake in, instead (or as well).

The next exhibition will be located in Denver on February 19th, followed by in Portland on March 26, and in San Francisco on April 30.  It is expected to ultimately welcome around 1,500 guests and 75 companies.

The Cannabis Wedding Expo CEO Philip Wolf explains the cannabis wedding theme in a statement:

“Cannabis provides another option where you can still partake recreationally, you can still have a lot of fun, but you don’t have to consume alcohol or party in that type of way.  It can also create a certain mood for an event which is different than that created by alcohol.”

Along with Wolf, on the Expo team is Bec Koop and Madelyne Kelly, who are the co-founders of Irie Weddings & Events.  They run a cannabis-friendly wedding service which helps with not only buds, but also event planning.  Along with a host of other roles, they can help make sure professionals are on site at the wedding to educate guests about how much cannabis to use.

If you live in and are getting married in a state with legal recreational marijuana, and you and your friends all love to partake, you might want to consider a marijuana-themed wedding.  Hopefully it will be unforgettable…even if you’re high.”

Mac Jackman