CBD Found To Effectively Treat Anxiety, Study Says

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CREDIT: Green Rush Daily

The idea of using marijuana to treat anxiety may come as a surprise to many people with experience with the drug.  One of the common side effects of marijuana’s psychoactive “high” is a feeling of paranoia.

However, current research is suggesting that strains of marijuana which are high in CBD and low in THC could be the perfect anxiety treatment.  Since CBD does not have the psychoactive effects, paranoia may be less of a concern, and the overall effect can be very calming.

Anxiety is a huge issue for people – one study suggested that about one in four Americans will deal with an anxiety disorder at some point during their lifetime.  Some of the most common treatments include drugs like Xanax, or deep breathing/meditation exercises.

Some people may find that even marijuana with a large THC concentration will help with anxiety, but most of those people will have a high cannabis tolerance.  For people who haven’t indulged in marijuana’s “high”, CBD is probably the first thing to try.

The studies are showing that marijuana can help relax the “flight or fight” response in our bodies, which is a huge contributor to anxiety.  Working with the brain’s endocannabinoid system, our body and mind is effects as the cannabinoid receptors are activated.  For many people, that activation can mean an elevation in mood, and lower anxiety levels.

If you’d like to try CBD for your anxiety, it’s legally available in many parts of the country.  You can ingest CBD through smoking low-THC strains, using oils, eating edibles or a number of other consumption options.  Who knows – it may be just the relief you need to start enjoying life without the constant plague of anxiety.”

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