Marijuana Industry Launches Safe Use Campaign

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Among the biggest concerns of legalized recreational marijuana opponents is public safety.  Any intoxicating substance has an effect on people’s judgements and motor skills, and marijuana, especially in Colorado, is a particularly strong drug.  Just as with alcohol, it is clearly important to balance fun and enjoyment and safety with use.

The weed industry in Colorado agrees fully – and that’s why they’re launching a campaign to promote safer marijuana use in their state.  This wasn’t the result of an increase in unsafe marijuana use, but rather an effort to communicate with the public about now-legalized and widespread marijuana use in Colorado.  It’s also a demonstration of the marijuana industry’s genuine concern for public safety.

The campaign is targeting adults that use cannabis, primarily because adults are the only ones who can legally consume cannabis.  It primarily focuses on keeping marijuana out of the reach of children, and staying away from the wheel after you’ve been smoking.

Examples of slogans used in the campaign include:

“If you’re gonna dab, take a cab.  Please consume responsibly.”
“Lock it up.  Keep it away from your curious kids.  Please consume responsibly.”
“Welcome to Colorado, the world’s first legal cannabis market.  Please consume responsibly.”

It’s a great move by the marijuana industry at large in Colorado.  The campaign is not at all aggressive or offensive to cannabis users, it’s simply a reminder that intoxicating substances can have dangerous effects when not used responsibly.  Since it was designed by the industry, and therefore people who are likely users themselves, it’s insiders in the community speaking to each other.  That should increase its effectiveness.

The messages will be run in print and online publications across the state, particularly in “cannabis-specific” sections.”

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