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Ginger tea and cannabread, anyone?

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For people that do not want to smoke pot, beverages and infused edibles can a great alternative that does not involve smoking a joint. In fact, it has been found that taking cannabis in this way produces a longer and stronger effect than if one were to smoke it.

In recent times, technologies such as The Magical Butter which is an infusion machine have made it easy to make weed-alcohol tinctures and weed butter. Making your infused edibles or beverages is as easy as tossing in your ingredients into the infusion machine, choosing the setting and letting it do its magic. It is the best way to make infused edibles as it produces a tincture or cannabis butter in about two hours. For connoisseurs who like the more conventional methods, one could put their ground marijuana on a tray and put it in the oven at 400 degrees F/200. This method will activate the THC in the decarboxylated weed buds within 10-15 minutes. The leftover weed stems can also be great for making some tea.

There is nothing more refreshing and relaxing than a hot cup of weed tea, some scones and cannabread to take the edge off after a hard day at work on a cold evening. The best way to enjoy such a treat is to make the arrangement ahead of time if you know you are going to be in the house on such a night. But how do you make the cozy night treat? Here’s how to make Ginger weed tea:

1.A cheesecloth/strainer
2.Cardamom and cloves (optional)
3.1 tablespoon crushed ginger
4.Tea (any type of tea)
5.Cannabis butter
6.Weed stems

How to Make:
1.Using a pestle and mortar, lightly pound the weed stems
2.Put the crushed ginger and weed stems into the cheesecloth
3.Bring two cups of water to boil
4.Turn down the heat and place the cheesecloth with you herbs, cardamom and cloves into the pot and let it simmer for about 15 minutes
5.Extract the cheesecloth and squeeze out the excess liquid
6.Get your cannabis butter and stir it into the tea and stir on medium heat.
7.Drink an amount you are comfortable with. (It is always recommended to take a small amount and wait for between three quarters to an hour before taking more so as to allow the effects of the cannabis to kick in).
8.Grab a tea bag and let it soak in until the infusion is cool

Cannabread Scones
1.1 whole egg
2.11/14 milk
3.cup of cannabis butter
4.¼ cup caster sugar
5.2 cups flour

How to Make:
1.Mix sugar and flour in a bowl
2.Mix in cannabis butter
3.Knead the mixture until you get a soft breadcrumb like dough
4.Add milk and using circular motions mix it into the dough
5.Once it attains a cookie dough-like consistency, take out your dough and place it on a cutting board that had been previously lightly floured
6.Sprinkle a little flour on top of your dough
7.Using your hands knead the dough into a inch thick round shape
8.Get a circular cookie cutter and cut out small sections to put on a previously buttered tray
9.Get eggs, beat it into a dish, add a little milk and mix it well
10.Using a brush, lightly glaze your scones with the milk and egg mixture
11.Place your tray into the oven, turn it up to 200 degrees Celsius and let it cook for 12 minutes
Enjoy your treat!

The cannabutter and weed-infused tea are ready for consumption. To get more of a kick from the scones you could spread them with some infused butter, or if you just want something lighter you could use some ordinary butter. The best thing about such a simple recipe is that it can be tweaked to personal liking to achieve a bigger kick or a better taste.

The treats are best enjoyed with some Netflix while curled up inside a blanket on the couch. Alternatively, one could also just sit beside the fireplace and have their cannabread and tea while taking little bites of the edibles and waiting for it to enter the system. It is always recommended to avoid getting too carried away as consuming too much could result in an uncomfortable experience.

Mac Jackman