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Growing Your Own VS Buying Cannabis

The legality of cannabis, the costs of buying it from a cannabis dispensary, and the manufacturing processes often concern marijuana consumers. This may lead you to weigh the pros and cons of growing your own weed or buying it from outside. Here is a comparison between growing your own vs buying cannabis.


Growing your own weed can cost you about $12 to $20 per seed and $1830 to $2940 including the costs of pots, soil, and nutrients. The yields are considerably high, ranging from 16 to 32 ounces in a 10-gallon pot.

On the other hand, the prices of high-quality marijuana vary from $210 per ounce in Oregon to $597 per ounce in Washington D.C. On average, cannabis consumers spend around $42 per week which equals $2184 annually for seven ounces of marijuana.

If you are a regular marijuana consumer and are likely to consume more than seven ounces of marijuana, it is better to spend money on growing your own weed. As a regular user, the costs of buying ready-made marijuana from outside will be much more than growing the marijuana seeds on your own.

With a wide variety of marijuana seeds available in the market, depending upon their THC levels, you can grow the desired marijuana seeds without having to pay a lot.


“Organic produce is always better”- This rule wouldn’t have applied to cannabis a few years ago. Earlier, buying marijuana would have been a better option than growing it on your own. That’s because it was easy to find marijuana having THC levels around 25% than growing marijuana with a similar level of THC all by yourself.

In today’s world, however, the pattern has somewhat changed. It has become affordable to grow cannabis by buying high-quality seeds having the necessary THC levels. Growing your own produce has another important benefit. You don’t add chemical fertilizers to increase the quantity of the produce. You can know and control the process of growing marijuana while keeping pesticides and herbicides away from your organic weed.

So it can be said that growing marijuana is much better than buying it from outside where you have no idea of how the weed has been grown or mixed with synthetic components.

A cured cannabis buds.
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Growing specific strains of marijuana that yield high quantities of produce is an excellent way to cut down on frequent trips to the dispensaries for buying marijuana if the amount of produce means more to you. Different varieties of marijuana can cost more if you buy them directly from the dispensaries. However, if you decide to grow the seeds on your own, you can grow several varieties and experiment with them.


A grow room with several mature cannabis plants under artificial lighting.
  1. While it may be illegal to buy or possess marijuana, it is legal to grow your own marijuana in most states of The United States of America, including Washington D.C. In Australian states as well, growing marijuana is legal as long as you have a medical prescription and follow the rules of growing it.
  2. You can control the quality and the process of growing marijuana; whether you want to grow organically, on raised beds or in soil containers.
  3. It is an easy way of getting access to marijuana and saving money in the long run.
  4. Cultivating marijuana seeds is a great hobby that you can master over time. It yields knowledge about gardening skills and helps you master the art of growing marijuana.
  5. You cannot be fooled by the dispensary owners into buying adulterated or contaminated marijuana.


Growing marijuana on your own may limit the variety of weeds that you are exposed to. However, if you are more concerned about the costs, quality, and amount of the weed, then growing it on your own is the best way to go.

Mac Jackman