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John Morgan’s Investment Gambit.

A lot of money is going to be coming Florida’s way! Orlando attorney John Morgan said he is planning to invest close to $100 million on “the right opportunities.” In a statement to the press, Morgan said: “I am prepared to invest significant monies in this industry and I plan to. I have learned a great deal about them miracles of marijuana over the last five years. And what better person than me to be involved?”Florida folks would recognize Morgan as one of the leading voices calling for medical marijuana legalization in the Sunshine State. As chairman of ‘United for Care’, Morgan was a key player in helping pass Amendment 2 last year. Miami Herald, however, wonders: what’s in it for John Morgan? Is he doing the lobbying to gain a foothold in the Florida marijuana industry? Find out more at

Silicon Valley of Medical Marijuana

Does Adelanto have what it takes to be a big player in the medical marijuana industry? This sleepy desert city out in Backwoods, California certainly thinks so. Adelanto (Pop: 30,000; Debt in 2014: $2.6 million) was once a place you went to admire the tumbleweeds! Now, as California is looking to legalize and regulate large-scale marijuana cultivation, Adelanto is hoping to turn the tide. The city has zoned about 360 acres for growing medical marijuana. In addition, it is quickly setting up cultivation warehouses, cannabis oil extraction units, among other facilities.Wealthy backers certainly seem to be buying into the Adelanto Dream. Investors like developer James Previti come from diverse backgrounds such as real estate, law, athletics etc. These folks are hoping to get a piece of the action when the medical marijuana boom hits Adelanto. See here ( and here ( for more details.

For Science!

Live in Pullman, Washington? Are you 21 and above and like to smoke weed? Washington State University is looking for volunteers like you to take part in a study! The eggheads behind this project hope to develop a cutting-edge breathalyzer that will detect marijuana use by intoxicated drivers. When you sign up, the researchers will do blood tests, mouth swabs etc. on you. Then you have to buy weed from a marijuana retail store (will the researchers pay for it?) and smoke it in your home. The researchers will then get you to a hospital for secondary testing. You may also have to take a sobriety test (yikes!) conducted by local law enforcement. 
It has taken a long time for marijuana use to become legal in America. (And we still have miles to go). Marijuana users driving under the influence endanger public safety and hurt our cause. So we actively endorse this study and encourage Pullman residents to go participate in it! Here’s the guy you need to contact: Nathan Weller; Phone: (509)-432-1943; Email: [email protected]

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