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Here’s Why You Should Try CBD Wax

A piece of yellow CBD wax on a toothpick.

A piece of yellow CBD wax on a toothpick._SCALEDMost marijuana-enthusiasts know all about THC, but its close non-psychoactive cousin, CBD, never quite gets enough love.  A lot of people who enjoy marijuana for the “high” stub over CBD as soon as they see that it doesn’t have the same mental effects as THC.  But CBD has still been shown to elevate the mood, ease stress and be a very helpful substitute for some of the effects of THC.

Here’s why you should consider trying CBD wax:

  1. It’s been shown to work better medically, in some casesDepending on the illness, research suggest that CBD may actually be more effective as a treatment than marijuana.  The biggest reason for this is that CBD has many of the positive effects of marijuana, like stress-reduction and mood-elevation, without the negative side-effects, like anxiety or short term memory loss.  For people who aren’t a fan of the psychoactive elements of cannabis but can still really benefit from the medicinal qualities, CBD is the perfect solution.
  2. It’s good for during the dayEven if the extra “high” from marijuana is something you enjoy, CBD may be the best option during the day.  Many people find that the haziness that results from marijuana makes it difficult to do day-to-day tasks.  With CBD wax, you can avoid the loss of cognitive functioning, have a productive day, but be able to enjoy the mood elevation that comes from the cannabis plant.
  3. CBD wax makes it easy to get a large dose all at onceClassic ways to ingest CBD oil can make it difficult to get enough to really feel the effects that you’re looking for from the substance.  But with CBD wax, you can “dab” a huge amount in a sticky substance all at once.  No need to take too many pills or not get enough of a dosage!  You can get a gram of CBD wax for about $50.00 and have it delivered legally all over the United States.


Mac Jackman