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How to Buy Original Clones and Glue Seeds

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When the new strain came out Nevada breeders preferred to call it “GG#4” or “Gorilla Glue #4.” However, it has been quite a while since they lost the naming battle as the strain came to be referred to as “Original Glue” – claiming its position as the first and best of the Glue phenomenon.

The discovery of the strain was almost purely by accident. A Nevada breeder noticed that some of the crops he was tending to had a lot of resin and stuck to his hands as he was trimming. Cannabis aficionados have since taken to the Original Glue that has taken the markets by storm as it inspired knockoffs, unlicensed crosses, and exclusive licensing from “GG Strains” the parent company. What makes it such a popular strain is that it takes Sour Diesel one of the most loved strains and triple backcrosses, before mixing it up with Chocolate Thai.
The end product is one of the most unique cannabis strains that hits strong with its indica hybrid scent a combination of chocolate, pine, and fuel. This just goes on to explain the scramble to have the little Glue in almost any garden you find out there. What makes the product so widespread is that the Original Glue seeds and their 2019 crosses can be found almost anywhere online. The following are some of the best places to get your seeds and their clones:

Buying Seeds across the Globe

GG Strains based in Nevada is the company that provides the Original Glue that also went by GG4 OR Gorilla Glue #4. All growers get their strains from the company, which has the original home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/genetics-certified/genetics of the strain that it licenses out to authorized cultivators. One such company that has the license to provide such seeds is Pure Sativa that brands its product with “Original Glue S1.”
Some online seed banks claim to have and sell the Original Glue home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/home/marijuana-seeds-sale-farmers-lab-seeds/genetics-certified/genetics, but this is highly unlikely.
Since the legal status of selling cannabis online varies by country and state it is important to know the law before using any online seed banks. One can get seeds from seed banks outside the US but US Customs will not allow anyone to bring cannabis seeds into the country since it is still illegal to do so.
As it stands, the easiest places where one can find Glue in the US are Colorado, Oregon, and California.

Buying the Seeds in California

It is impossible to buy the official Glue clones in California, given that GG Strains does not sell the product in the state.
Nonetheless, non-official clones and their Original Glue seeds counterparts can be found in more than 500 delivery services and recreational stores across the state. Buyers need to be over 21 years of age before they are allowed to make cash purchases.
One of the biggest sellers is Dark Heart Nursery that sells the Original Glue Clones in outlets such as:

  • Airfield Supply in San Jose
  • BARC Collective in LA
  • 7 Stars in Richmond
  • Berkeley Patients Group
  • March & Ash

Another big retailer in California is Humboldt Seed Co that is claimed to be just as good as the GG4 genetic from GG Strains. Among its outlets are:

  • From the Earth located in Santa Ana
  • Purple Lotus in San Jose
  • March and Ash in San Diego
  • Berkeley Patients Group located in Berkeley
  • Airfield Supply Company in San Jose

Buying Seeds in Oregon

Oregon has passed laws that regulate access to medical cannabis, allowing only persons over the age of 21 to get access to the premier clones and seeds. Some of the biggest retailers of the Glue family of the family include:

  • Greater Side Oregon that provides several strains of Original Glue made by Exotic Genetix.
  • Talent Health Club in Oregon has a strain of the original Glue known as Pink Gorilla which is grown by Mosca Seeds.
    Apart from the major dealers, high-quality Original Glue seeds can be obtained from:
  • Oregon Coast Cannabis in Manzita Oregon
  • Substance in Bend Oregon
  • Satchel in Portland Oregon

Buying Seeds in Colorado

Colorado has some of the best Glue options among the states which are stocked in stores such as:

  • Billo in Steamboat Springs which carries Ethos Glue
  • Ballpark Holistic Dispensary that also carries Ethos manufactured Ethos Glue
  • Kind Castle in Parachute that carries The Labs Crazy Glue Seeds
  • Lucy Sky in Denver that sells Strawberry Glue and Original Gorilla Glue #4 seeds
  • Lux Leaf that sells GG4 seeds

Other retailers that carry Original Glue include

  • Green Grass
  • Rocky Mountain Blaze
  • 420 Green Genie
  • Silverpeak Apothecary

Buying Seeds in Washington

There are no adult use retailers in Washington for seeds and clones., given that only persons qualified as medical patients are allowed to grow cannabis for private use. All qualified patients in addition to cooperatives are allowed to buy seeds from commercial and state licensed cannabis farms. As it stands, there are more than 1.400 licensed producers from where one could get their cannabis. Given the stringent regulations, many Washingtonians get their cannabis clones and seeds from Oregon, though it is still illegal to transport any cannabis product across state lines.

Buying Seeds in Nevada

Nevada law allows residents to cultivate up to six plants though only persons living more than 25 miles from a dispensary are allowed to do so. The Original Glue clones and seeds are not yet available for retail in Nevada. The best place one can get their cannabis fix is by attending community events or by getting it from friends.

Buying Seeds in Washington, DC

Anyone 21 years or older can legally grow up to 6 plants at home, but buying clones and seeds from retail stores is not yet something one can do in the District. With commercial adult sales made impossible by the blocking of funding by Congress, the best way to get a fix is to attend community meetups. One can also get the cannabis as a gift from friends as long as one is over the age of 21.

Buying Seeds in Maine

Adult use Cannabis was legalized in 2016 but commercial sales still remain illegal. Any resident of Maine aged 21 or over can cultivate no more than six plants at home though getting the seeds and clones is tough. The best way to get the seeds is by asking friends, going to events and doing some online research.

Buying Seeds in Massachusetts

Since 2016 anyone living in Massachusetts can cultivate up to six plants. and from October 2018 you can get cannabis in retail outlets. Given that the legalization is very recent, very few outlets stock the clones and seeds and hence ones best bet is friends, medical growers, and gifting.

Buying Original Glue Seeds in Michigan

Michigan residents can legally grow up to 12 plants as of 2018. Nonetheless, there are no adult use retail outlets that can get one clones or seeds in the state. The best way to get one’s hands on the product is through online swap meets, community events and grower friends.

Buying Original Glue Seeds in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has one of the best freedom oriented medical systems and it is no surprise that the state has passed some of the best cannabis friendly laws in 2019.
However, there are no stores selling any Original Glue though you can find seeds in the following stores:

  • Alchemy Gold Healing
  • New Leaf Medicinals
  • Oklahoma Home Grown in East Tulsa Oklahoma
  • Strange Leaf in Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Buying Seeds in Texas

Texas remains super conservative and growing cannabis or buying seeds is highly illegal.

Buying Seeds in New York

One cannot grow cannabis at home in New York state, even as there are no stores that sell clones or seeds. Cultivating or importing cannabis is not recommended.

Your state is missing from the list? Read out the state by state guide to learn how to do certain things in the cultivation of cannabis. It also provides the latest information about the ongoings in your area.

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