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Introducing the Former Cop Behind Canada’s First Native Licensed Cannabis

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Lewis Mitchell has a strong belief that his team can be the best force for the community of First Nation.

Near about 80 years ago, the chief police officer spent many weeks by doing supervise the process of picking and burning of 3500 pounds of pot on the Caughnawaga reserve across the St. Lawrence river from Montreal. It is under the department of Indian Affairs. The police fear that the leaves and the seeds of the very well-known marijuana tree contain a drug far more than that any other kind of narcotic. Drugs are not at all healthy for our physical condition. So, there should be a line of prohibition about taking drug. On 29th September, 1938, Montreal Gazette warned and wanted to add cops as giving importance to this greater menace drug than cocaine and opium as because it can bring insanity among human.

Investigators seize more than 10,000 grams of cannabis and all. Police have issued a search warrant in order to raid each and every medical marijuana shops. It is a psychoactive drug. It is a greenish grey mixture of the dried flowers and mainly found in Cannabis Sativa. Many people smoke this in the manner of rolled cigarettes and called it joints. It is also be used to brew tea. Vaporization is also another method to consume this drug. It has many intoxicating effect that people seek after consuming this. As per the report, the people Kahnawake Mohawk Territory had turned into mad and wild due to this drug. People grew wild after consuming this.

On 21st September, 2018, the former police Officer Lewis Mitchell was receiving a far more desirable directive from the feds. After the whole application process of long four years, his eminent company Seven Leaf finally got a chance to move forward in order to cultivate cannabis. After that, Mitchell became the former president of Canada’s first and foremost native licensed cannabis producer.

Seven Leaf has already started to employ many local people in the construction. Mitchell was very proud to announce his success. And he declared that he wanted to encourage not only his own community but also the First nation Communities. Seven Leaf is also known as a licensed producer of cannabis under the access to Cannabis in order to use it for the medical purposes. They believe in safe and quality production. The whole team is rooted deeply in the Akwesasne community. The whole team take the oath to serve for the community and its prosperity. They always try to work with the greater prosperity and want to provide the best opportunity to the people of community. They want to create a stable economic status for them. For the future generation, they want to exhibit a strong example.

Mitchell has already dealt with these kinds of crimes and illegal works as a Mohawk Police Officer for long 23 years. In the year 2006, he bursts out in anger at a conference and told that they are getting black eyes constantly for this kind of behaviour. But he also mentioned about the crime from the big cities like Montreal and exploiting the border and their community. He also adds that Seven Leaf puts them in the right path and direction. For the presence of the Seven Leaf, the criminal organizations cannot impact their black eyes on their community.

The biggest barrier for Seven Leaf is the America Border. The whole facility of the Seven Leaf is still in Ontario. But the one and only way to enter the Quebec side is by overlapping into the territory of U.S.

According to Mitchell, the overall geography is very complicated. He also wants to meet with the border representative and aware those people on the Seven Leaf and Cannabis regulation of Canada. He also proudly says that first nation Government has regularly contacting him in order to take advice, potential and confidential partnerships and side tours. He wants to make Seven Leaf into a training facility in future. There are lot of plans in order to upgrade Seven Leaf. But as the time is passing very quickly, he wants to do all these things in this short span of time.

Seven Leaf is at last is ready to upgrade and grow and have already made some plans to create products available as early as next spring. Hopefully, they have created the biggest business in Canada.

Mac Jackman