The Legendary Cannabis Strain Of Alaska

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There’s an old legendary strain of marijuana that has the cannabis community in Alaska on a mission to track it down.  The strain is known as Matanuska Thunder F***, and it has a colorful history that is shrouded in mystery and excitement.

Most people say the strain first appeared on the scene in the early 1970s, and the most dominant story is that it was bred by a grower decades ago who eventually got busted by law enforcement.  But the Alaskan cannabis community hasn’t forgotten about it – in fact, now that weed can be legally sold in the state, there are tons of people in the industry on the hunt for it – for both profit and personal reasons.

Roger J. Cobb is one of those individuals on the tracks of the plant – he was enlisted by a medical grower from Big Lake named Ron Bass who thought he had grown a strain of the famous cannabis plant.  Cobb says he remembers first trying the strain in 1989 while at a Hot Springs location where he “took three puffs and walked right into a telephone pole.”

While Cobb says he didn’t think Bass had the original strain, he admits it’s hard to tell.  The truth is, the real story behind the strain may be a mystery forever.  vps There are some people who believe the name download “Matanuska Thunder F***” was used for all stains of high quality Alaskan marijuana, which would make it fairly difficult to track down any specific plant.

But the bud itself is certainly no urban legend – High Times first listed Matanuska Thunder F*** in January of 1975 as the most expensive marijuana in the state – at $70 per ounce as opposed to the usual $20 per ounce.

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It’s hard to say whether the strain will ever be truly tracked down – in actuality, there is no way to ever verify it if someone does eventually believe they found the server strain.  The bud was never registered, its seeds were never saved or accounted, and identifying it today will rely on the memories of people who experienced it back in the day.

All in all though – it does make for an exciting and mysterious story in the world of cannabis, don’t you think?”

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