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This Is What A Marijuana Dinner Party Is Like

A close up of a marijuana plant.
A close up of a marijuana plant._SCALED
Flickr Creative Commons: Brett Levin

Philip Wolf was used to enjoying good company and fine wine in a highly respectable dinner party setting.  But one day when enjoying such a circumstance, he began to wonder, why can’t dinner parties like this happen, only with marijuana?

That’s when he decided to launch “Cultivating Spirits”, a company which services to host marijuana pairing dinners throughout Colorado.  The events are much like wine tasting events, where gourmet food is mixed with excellent marijuana and designed for sophisticated guests.

“I knew that cannabis, from a connoisseur’s standpoint, had the same qualities as wine.  You can treat cannabis just like wine.  Some people are going to buy boxed wine, but other people like crack idm the education and experience behind it.”

If you ever find yourself at one of the fancy cannabis parties, you’ll probably find yourself in someone’s home.  This is mostly due to Colorado laws which generally prohibit using idm crack marijuana in public.  Furthermore, Cultivating Spirits is not a dispensary themselves, so they can’t exactly sell the marijuana like a normal dispensary would.

Instead, Wolf works to choose marijuana strains based on their taste, smell and effect.  He even works with the chef who will be creating the food for the event to make sure his cannabis choices match up well with the entrees.  While most guests are experienced smokers, Wolf will be around during the party to help gusts make sure they know how to get the perfect hit.

Wolf says the real secret to be a pot connoisseur is knowing the difference between the terpenes on the different strains.  Terpenes are the little sticky glands of resin that look like crystals on the marijuana.

Thanks to Wolf, we don’t just have one intoxicant option for high class dinner parties anymore – now we can enjoy marijuana too.  Well, if we’re in Colorado.

Mac Jackman