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Cannabis Brands Have A New Treat: Marijuana-Infused Coffee Drinks

A group of different types of marijuana infused coffee.
Marijuana-Infused Coffee Drinks

For cannabis enthusiasts, there is little better than a quiet morning with a cup of coffee and a joint of your favorite strain of marijuana.  In fact, this history of the cannabis/coffee combo goes all the way back to the 1840s, as a signature element of the old “Club des Hashischins”.

With coffee to get your mind and body going in the morning, and cannabis to remove the edge and jitters from the caffeine, it’s a great way to put you in a good state of mind for the day.

Now, with marijuana laws being eased around the United States and the world, there’s a whole new way to enjoy this classic combination: marijuana-infused coffee.

Here are five different brands to add to your list to try:

1. Ganja Grindz

Ganja Grindz, winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup First Place Edibles winning, has created a cold brew coffee brink that also contains about 75 mg of THC.  You can also get their product as a single serve brew cup!

2. Therapy Tonics & Provisions

Therapy Tonics & Provisions has produced a number of bottled beverages, from Mexican mocha to cookout matcha.  In every bottle of their beverages, they promise 80 mg of sativa THC and about 3 hours of high-functioning euphoria.

3. House of Jane

House of Jane has created an excellent blent of high-quality coffee and CO2 cannabis oil that provided an excellent stimulating euphoria.  You can enjoy their products in the form of tea-bags, C-Cup pods, bottles, coffee and tea.  As another bonus, their products are fat-free, sugar-free and gluten-free with your choice of 20mg, 80mg and 200 mg doses.

With all these choices out there, you really have no excuse to enjoy the weed/coffee combo in any other form, if you live in a recreationally legal state that is.  Have a great, productive and euphoric morning!


Mac Jackman