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New Study Indicates CBD Could Treat Stroke, Heart Disease

A close-up of a medical marijuana plant.
A close-up of a medical marijuana plant._SCALED
(CREDIT: Flickr Creative Commons MarihuanayMedicina)

As medical marijuana expands both legally and in the public consciousness, there are more and more studies being done to see just what all exactly it has the ability to treat – and sometimes even heal.  Some of the conditions it has been demonstrated to treat so far include epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease and others.

But now, a new study is indicating that cannabis may be able to treat a totally new group of illnesses.  The study, which was conducted by Sudan University in Shanghai, shows that the plant may be able to treat people suffering from strokes and other cardiovascular illnesses.

Specifically, the study shows that CBD, the non psycho-active chemical component in cannabis, can be used to treat conditions that have to do with a deficiency in blood flow.  This isn’t the first piece of research that suggests CBD can help conditions having to do with the heart and brain, but it is one of the most focused studies out there on the topic.

The condition the study tested cannabis with is called cerebral ischemia, and it is characterized by a deficiency of blood flow to the brain.  It’s related to issues of stroke and cardiac arrest.

“CBD treatments will most certainly exist in emergency rooms for stroke and cardiac patients in the future.  Not only will CBD extracts prevent inflammatory damage, but they may also heal existing damage.”

Just as many findings on the medical properties of marijuana, researchers note that the findings are still in their early stages and more studies will need to be conducted to confirm.”

Mac Jackman