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Preparation for Growing Cannabis Plants

Cannabis plants need unique growing conditions in order to flourish well and produce quality buds. To ensure optimum condition for the growth of cannabis plants, you must consider a few things and make preparations. So here are some preparation tips for growing cannabis plants, both inside as well as outside.

A close-up view of a flowering cannabis plant.


While growing cannabis plants, choosing the right location is the most crucial step. It determines the efforts as well as the cost of growing cannabis plants. You can grow these plants indoors as well as outdoors. If you choose to grow cannabis plants indoors, any place having an easy supply of air and water is ideal. For example, a spare room, garage, bathroom, grow rooms, and so on.

The temperature of the space is another important consideration. Warm temperatures ranging from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal to promote the fast growth of young marijuana plants. On the other hand, older plants need slightly lower temperatures to produce the best buds. You can install the grow lights based on the existing temperature of your grow room.

If you choose to grow your cannabis plants outdoors, it will cost you less but there could be some additional work. While growing outdoors, most of the work regarding air and light is done by the natural environment. In case of a dry climate though, you will need to water the plants and protect them from water logging if it’s raining heavily.


Grow light is essential for the good growth of your cannabis plants. There are several options for growing lights to choose from.


8 hours of direct sunlight from 10 AM to 4 PM is a perfect duration of light for the growth of marijuana plants. Sunlight is the best source of grow light for plants like cannabis which need high amounts of light.


CFL bulbs are commonly found in all households. So you can easily install these bulbs as grow lights for your cannabis plants. They may be less in terms of the power of special grow lights but are a good option to fulfill your purpose.


LEC grow lights are special grow lights that have a natural color. They are one of the best options for growing lights as they enable you to look out for the problems or diseases in the plants. They are also good for security purposes because they don’t look so noticeable.


LED grow lights have been marked as the best grow lights because of the quality of the cannabis buds they help to produce.


These bulbs are good for growing cannabis plants. These can be a little expensive because of the power consumption. Hence, they are not so preferred by marijuana growers.


The growing medium is another important consideration while growing cannabis plants. There are mainly three types of growing mediums widely used by growers around the world.

  1. SOIL

Soil enriched with nutrients from organic compost is the best growing medium for marijuana plants. It is because the soil provides the easiest experience of growing cannabis plants at home.


The soilless mix may consist of coco peat, coco coir, pearlite, and vermiculite. Since there is no soil involved, it is called soilless mix.


Hydroponics refers to growing cannabis plants directly in a water medium. The lighting is provided by grow lights. This method of growing marijuana is the fastest of all and produces greater yields.


Unless you are using the soil as a growing medium for your cannabis plants, you will need to add cannabis nutrients to the soilless and hydroponics growing mediums. This will ensure that your plants grow at an ideal rate and product quality yield.

In addition to this, root pH is an important thing to take care of, while growing marijuana plants. You can check the pH of the water before adding it to your grow pot. A neutral pH of 6.0 to 7.0 should be maintained if you are using soil as the growing medium. In the case of hydroponics, a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is good to go.

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