Chocolate Thai / Chocolate Regular Autoflower Seeds


Discover the Exquisite Harmony of Chocolate Thai Autoflower / Chocolate Regular – A Masterful Blend of Indica and Sativa. This strain is a true connoisseur’s choice, offering a symphony of rich chocolate and coffee notes, layered with a spice medley that delights the senses. Perfect for both novice and experienced growers, this strain promises an easy, rewarding cultivation experience. Embark on a unique cannabis adventure with Chocolate Thai Autoflower / Chocolate Regular, where every moment is a blend of pleasure and tranquility.

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What is Chocolate Thai / Chocolate Regular Autoflower Seeds

Chocolate Thai / Chocolate Regular Autoflower Seeds are a distinctive variety in the world of cannabis cultivation, renowned for their unique heritage and intriguing growth characteristics. This strain captures the essence of its origins, offering growers an exciting journey from seed to harvest.


Chocolate Thai, a classic strain, traces its lineage back to Thailand. Over the years, it has been carefully bred to maintain its unique qualities while enhancing its growth patterns. The introduction of autoflowering genetics has made this variety more accessible to a wider range of growers, retaining the exotic appeal of its Thai roots.

Seed Characteristics

These seeds are regular, meaning they produce both male and female plants. Autoflowering traits in this strain ensure a shorter growth cycle and a more straightforward cultivation process. The seeds typically exhibit a robust germination rate, leading to plants with slender leaves and a tall, elegant stature reminiscent of their Sativa lineage. The buds are known for their rich, chocolatey aroma, which gives the strain its name.

Key Insights

  • Growth Pattern: Autoflowering traits make this strain particularly suited for growers looking for a more manageable plant with a quicker turnaround.
  • Aroma Profile: Chocolate Thai is celebrated for its unique chocolate-like scent, a rarity in cannabis strains.
  • Adaptability: This strain is known for its adaptability, thriving in various environments, making it a good choice for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Cultivation Tips

  • Lighting: Given its tropical heritage, Chocolate Thai thrives under intense light. Indoor growers should consider high-quality LED or HPS lights to mimic its natural, sunny habitat.
  • Training Techniques: Employing low-stress training techniques can maximize light exposure and improve yield.
  • Harvest Time: Autoflowering characteristics lead to a faster flowering cycle, so be prepared for an earlier harvest compared to traditional strains.
  • Soil Conditions: A well-draining, nutrient-rich soil will support the vigorous growth of Chocolate Thai.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds


42 to 56 days

THC Content



Sweet / Tropical / Lemon


Linanool / Tropical / Limonene


700 g/m2 indoor / 700-850 gr/plant outdoor


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