Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze (fem)


Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze

Sativa Dominant

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1. Overview of Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze is a hybrid cannabis strain that combines the best of both worlds. It has the sweet, fruity flavors of Cinderella99 with the powerful head high of Amnesia Haze. This strain is perfect for those who want a strong mental buzz without the couch-lock effects of indica strains.

2. Aroma, flavor and appearance

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze has a sweet, fruity aroma with hints of citrus. The flavor is similar, with a strong sweetness that is offset by a touch of earthiness. This strain has medium-sized buds that are light green in color and covered in orange hairs.

3. Growing this strain

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze is a relatively easy strain to grow. It is resistant to mold and mildew, and can be grown indoors or out. This strain produces a moderate yield of high-quality buds.

4. Effects on mind and body

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze induces a strong head high that is perfect for creative pursuits or social activities. This strain also provides a boost of energy, making it ideal for daytime use. At higher doses, Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze can cause couch-lock and sedation.

5. Medical benefits

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze is effective in treating anxiety, depression, and stress. It can also be used to alleviate pain, nausea, and fatigue. This strain is not recommended for use before bedtime as it may cause insomnia.

6. Negative side effects

Cinderella99 x Amnesia Haze may cause dry mouth and eyes. It can also cause paranoia and anxiety at high doses. This strain should be used with caution by those who are prone to panic attacks or anxiety disorders.

Additional information

Flowering Time

55 to 60 Days

CBD Level

Low-less than 2%



Sweet / Fruity / Skunk.


Myrcene / D-Limonene / Beta-Pinene / Alpha-Pinene / D-Alpha-Pinene / Linalool / Caryophyllene / Alpha Humulene



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