Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds


Discover the legendary Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds, a sativa-dominant marvel that promises a journey of robust flavors and aromas. With its roots in some of the most iconic strains, Sour Diesel stands out with its pungent, diesel-like scent and citrusy taste. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned growers, these feminized seeds transform into tall, resin-rich plants, offering a generous yield. Embrace the challenge and delight of cultivating Sour Diesel, and watch as your garden comes to life with the vibrancy and vigor of this extraordinary strain.


What is Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds?

Sour Diesel, often affectionately known as “Sour D,” is a captivating strain that has gained a legendary status among cannabis enthusiasts. This strain, renowned for its pungent, diesel-like aroma, is a sativa-dominant variety that promises a dynamic cultivation experience for growers. Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds are specially bred to ensure that almost every plant blossoms into a female, offering a streamlined and rewarding growing process.


Tracing its roots back to the early 1990s, Sour Diesel is believed to have emerged from a mix of Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1. This illustrious lineage contributes to its robust and distinctive profile. The exact origin remains shrouded in mystery, adding an aura of intrigue to this already fascinating strain.

Seed Characteristics

Sour Diesel Feminized Seeds are distinguished by their robust and resilient nature, making them a suitable choice for both novice and experienced cultivators. These seeds typically germinate into tall, slender plants with light green leaves and a generous coating of resinous trichomes. The buds are often characterized by their elongated shape and a scattering of orange pistils, embodying the classic sativa structure.

Key Insights

  • Flavor and Aroma: Sour Diesel is renowned for its intense aroma, which combines hints of lemon zest with a distinct diesel undertone. The flavor follows suit, offering a sharp, citrusy profile with earthy notes.
  • Growth Behavior: This strain is known for its vigorous growth and can reach impressive heights, particularly when grown outdoors. It tends to flower within 9 to 10 weeks when cultivated indoors.
  • Yield Potential: Sour Diesel is noted for its generous yield, making it a rewarding choice for cultivators looking for a bountiful harvest.

Cultivation Tips

  • Sunlight and Spacing: Sour Diesel thrives in sunny, warm climates and requires ample space to accommodate its tall growth.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning is recommended to promote air circulation and light penetration, which are crucial for the health of the plant.
  • Nutrients: Paying attention to nutrition, especially nitrogen levels during the vegetative stage, is vital for optimal growth.
  • Pest Management: Implementing proactive pest management strategies is essential to protect these plants from common pests and diseases.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds


9 – 10 weeks

THC Content

16-20% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Citrus / Herbal / Pine


Myrcene / Alpha Pinene / Limonene / Terpinolene / Beta Caryophyllene / Beta Phellandrene / Camphene / Linalool / Humele / Beta Farnesene / Alpha Bisabolol


450 – 500 gr. m2 indoor / Can be difficult to grow Outdoor


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