Northern Critical Feminized Seeds


Discover the robust vitality of Northern Critical Feminized Seeds, where legendary genetics meet unparalleled harvest potential. With its striking appearance, delightful aroma, and ease of cultivation, this strain is a splendid choice for both novice and experienced growers. Dive into a world of bountiful yields and resilient plants with Northern Critical, a true gem in the cannabis cultivation community.


What are Northern Critical Feminized Seeds?

Northern Critical Feminized Seeds represent a unique blend of two legendary strains, Northern Lights and Critical Mass. This fusion has produced a distinct cultivar known for its robust growth and bountiful yields, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and cultivators alike.


The Northern Critical strain inherits its impressive lineage from two iconic parents. Northern Lights, a staple in the cannabis community, is famed for its resilience and potent genetics. Critical Mass adds to the mix with its high-yield potential and rapid flowering time. This dynamic combination results in a strain that is both hardy and prolific, ideal for growers seeking reliability and abundance.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Feminized Seeds: Ensures almost 100% female plants, maximizing the growing potential.
  • Appearance: The plants exhibit dense, resinous buds with a deep green hue, often accented with hints of purple.
  • Flowering Time: Approximately 7-9 weeks, making it a favorable choice for those looking for a quicker harvest cycle.

Key Insights

  • Yield: High yield potential, making it a great option for both personal and commercial cultivation.
  • Climate Adaptability: Northern Critical is notably resilient and can thrive in various climates, though it particularly flourishes in temperate to warm conditions.
  • Aroma and Flavor: The strain boasts a rich, earthy scent with a subtle hint of sweetness, offering a delightful sensory experience.

Cultivation Tips

  • Lighting: Optimal results are often achieved under powerful lights. LED or HPS lights are recommended for indoor cultivation.
  • Nutrients: It’s responsive to nutrient-rich soil but requires careful monitoring to avoid overfeeding.
  • Pruning: Regular pruning will help manage its bushy growth and improve air circulation, enhancing overall health and yield.
  • Support: Due to its heavy buds, the plant might need support in later flowering stages to prevent stem breakage.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds


60-65 days

THC Content

15-18% THC

Cbd level

Low-less than 2%


Sweet / Fruity / Incense / Citrus Notes


Alpha Pinene / Beta Pinene/ Myrcene / Caryophyllene / D-Limonene / Linalool / Farnesene / Caryophyllene Oxide / Limonene / Terpinolene / Humulene /


600 gr. m2 indoor / 700 – 800 gr. Plant outdoor.


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