Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds


Discover the swift elegance of Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds – your gateway to an efficient and rewarding cultivation journey. With its quick turnaround, robust growth, and enchanting aroma, this strain is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of a true classic. Dive into a world where quality meets efficiency, and experience the joy of growing one of the most cherished strains in the cannabis community.


What is Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds?

Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds offer a unique twist on a classic strain. Renowned for its speedy growth cycle, this variant of the legendary Northern Lights strain promises a robust and resilient growth, making it a popular choice among cultivators.


Originally developed in the 1970s, Northern Lights has its roots in the West Coast of the United States. This fast version maintains the genetic lineage of its predecessor, combining a rich history with a modern, accelerated growth cycle.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genetics: Predominantly Indica
  • Flowering Time: Reduced compared to the original Northern Lights strain
  • Yield: Generous, thanks to the plant’s vigorous growth habit

These seeds are particularly noted for their hardiness, making them a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The plants tend to be of medium height, offering a compact growth pattern that is advantageous for space-limited areas.

Key Insights

The Northern Lights Fast Version is celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and aromatic presence. The buds are typically dense and coated in a shimmering layer of trichomes. This strain is known for its distinct aroma, often described as earthy and sweet, with hints of pine.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Climate: Prefers a mild to warm climate but is notably adaptable to various environmental conditions.
  2. Soil: Thrives in well-drained, nutrient-rich soil.
  3. Watering: Regular watering is crucial, but be cautious of overwatering.
  4. Lighting: Responds well to ample lighting; indoor growers should consider high-quality LED or HID lighting systems.
  5. Training Techniques: Benefits from low-stress training techniques to maximize yield.

Additional information

Packet size

12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, 6 Seeds


6 – 8 weeks

THC Content



Earthy / Citrus


Farnesene / Linalool / Caryophyllene Oxide / Myrcene / Beta-Pinene / Limonene / Terpinolene / Alpha-Pinene / Humulene / Caryophyllene


400 gr -550 gr. m2 indoor / 500 – 600 gr. outdoor.


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