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Northern Lights is a pure indica strain and is quite possibly one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. The strain will produce an almost instant body-high and is known to be one of the most potent Indicas out there.

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Strain Description

Northern Lights Strain Seeds by Farmers Lab Seeds

Northern Lights Strain Seeds Marijuana was once known as CI#F1 and is a strain that has won several awards. This Strain seeds has a broad cross section of popularity from growers to medical patients as well as recreational consumers. It is considered to be one of the most popular Indicas of all time and can be found in dispensaries all across Colorado and California/West Coast including Canada. It is another of the fabled “one hit and quit” strong THC content strains as it is known to slam the body into a comfortably numb and lazy state. It is the quintessential couch lock strains with munchies included- almost a cliché of the stoner’s stone. A strong sense of happiness and well-being are also usually accompanied. Some users report an increase in their capacity for creativity as well as increased focus.

Northern Lights Strain Effects

The average negative culprits persist - dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia and anxiety in higher doses.  The averages negative culprits persist - dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, paranoia and anxiety in higher doses.

As is the case with many “in the couch” Indicas, This cannabis is not recommended for daytime use but will suit for those suffering from insomnia. As many strains have become hybrids, it remains one of most pure Indica strains you can find today with a 95% Indica breeding.

Northern Lights Strain Seeds Lineage

Northern Lights weed is a bit of a mystery when it comes to tracing its exact lineage. It is known that there are two main building block strains-Thai and Afghani. It was genetically perfected in Holland as many strains have been over the years and interestingly has made its impact in North America only quite recently.

Growing Northern Lights Strain

It is a slightly faster-growing strain-flowering in six to eight weeks and can yield about 125 grams per square meter. An average breeder can produce around 100 grams per plant-making it preferable for those seeking ease in growth over the magnitude of yield. As the use of marijuana has evolved, this strain has been bred with many other strains to make use of its distinctive qualities.

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds from Farmers Lab Seeds is acquired from a Dutch breeder that is considered to grow one of the purest strains of this distinctive plant. You can buy seeds on our site in quantities of 5, 10 and 25 seeds. We promise you won't be disappointed as this is one of the best Northern Lights seed deals on the internet.


The Farmers Lab Northern Lights Feminized Strain Seeds - The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The Northern Lights Feminized Strain Seeds  for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has its roots closely associated with the cannabis species origins.  We are incredibly proud to make this seed available to our customers.

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team

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Low-less than 2%



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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

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Avatar of Frank E
Frank E (verified owner)

ALWAYS a good strain, inside or outside you can count on these seeds from Farmers to be the REAL Northern Lights. Light and flavorful, the buzz is very very Up-Beat. Great before an outing. Great crystal, Oh and did I mention the Flavor 🙂

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1. Overview of Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a cannabis strain that is prized for its high THC content and pleasant aroma. It is a popular choice among medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike. The buds are dense and sticky, with a light green color and a pungent smell. Northern Lights is known for its couch-locking effects, making it a good choice for pain relief or relaxation.

2. Aroma, flavor, and appearance

The buds of Northern Lights have a strong, pungent smell that is sweet and earthy. The flavor is similar, with a sweet and earthy taste that can be harsh on the throat. The buds are dense and sticky, with a light green color and orange hairs.

3. Growing this strain

Northern Lights is a relatively easy strain to grow, and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a good choice for beginner growers. The plants are short and bushy, with dense buds. They require moderate amounts of water and nutrients. Northern Lights is a mostly Indica strain, and will flower in 8-9 weeks.

4. Effects on mind and body

The effects of Northern Lights are mostly physical, with a strong couch-locking effect. The high THC content can cause anxiety or paranoia in some users. The medical benefits of this strain include pain relief, relaxation, and stress relief.

5. Medical benefits

Northern Lights is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients. The high THC content can provide relief from pain, anxiety, and stress. The couch-locking effects can also help with insomnia.

6. Negative side effects

Negative side effects of Northern Lights include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiety. The high THC content can also cause paranoia in some users. It is important to start with a low dose and increase gradually to avoid these side effects.

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