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Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong high. It emerged from the Oakland area of California in one of the oldest legal medical marijuana areas of the United States known as “Oaksterdam”. Purple Kush offers blissful, long-lasting euphoria, and rids the body of pain, sleepiness and stress.







UP TO 400 G/M²

















Weight 15 g
Dimensions 5 × 10 in
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6 reviews for Purple Kush Strain- Auto Fem

It’s really the best strain!

Glad that my favorite item is available here!

(verified owner)

Great service, got my seeds in 5 days. Can’t wait to start growing.
Love Purple Kush

(verified owner)

I’m a fairly new grower(2 years), and i’m still in an experimental phase where i am trying many different methods and substrates , indoor, outdoor…so i screw up a lot..i have now grown 5 of these plants and each time i made mistakes but i harvested baseball bats off of each of them, grown in soil, grown in coco, grown indoors, outdoors…didn’t matter….always came through for me…this will be a staple for me for a long time

(verified owner)

I was very upset with the customer service before I planted because I never got free seeds and left a 1 star review that never got on here. But anyways, other then the customer service…

I germinated 4, 100% success rate. Planted the seeds w/ taproot in 3 gallon pots, dumped water on them, totally saturated the soil (this is my 1st grow). I used Happy Frog and techna flora lineup.

It was end of August so I left them outside in the sun all day for dew days before it popped out of soil. They must’ve been at least 2 inches deep in soil. All of them made it.

Didn’t water until the saturated soil totally dried up which was about 2 weeks. Started vegging. I tried doing everything on this first grow so I started LTSing (low stress strain).

My first plan was to only use the sun but realized the sun getting shorter lol duh. So I built a homemade greenhouse and put USB fans, grow light (200w led) and small heater to keep it around 19-22c.

They were all doing well but my LST screwed up big time and snapped one of the main stems (died), another one snapped the main stem but from the 3rd node…(survived, turned out to be like topping) 2 went well.

They went through some crazy stress because of me but wow. I gotta say, these seeds are pretty good. Customer service I’m sorry, but genetics Farmers Lab good job.

First grow, I yielded 20g for 1 lol the one I took the most care yielded so little. 2nd I topped accidentally 50g dried. 3rd one, I stunted by 4 weeks because of LST damage to the main stem root, she is still going from end of August and will yield over 100g dried.

Farmers Lab seeds taught me a lot in my first grow and I gotta say, very high quality.

Enjoyed growing Purple Kush Auto.

I am growing these right now hydroponic continuous flow and they ate 70 ltrs in 3 days is why i am writing this , ok so from the start 1.5 weeks in the seed dome , they were 3 -4 inches at that time with roots below . so off to the tent . 3.5 weeks later some are 3 ft high with 6-10 branches all have buds starting and some are 2 ft high so as always it looks a bit wonky but all are producing , i am on my second grow so no stress training or anything funky ,But i do make sure to prune the lower third on a regular basis and i have to say the first round was star killer feminized seeds ,It was a huge hit for potency but took forever and these ones are a month ahead easily , So i am buying these again with smiles for the next round without even trying them .

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Benefit 01.
certified blue dream seeds


Purple Kush seeds were first bred in the Oakland, California region of the United States and are a cross between two South Central Asian Indica landraces: Purple Hindu Kush (from the Pakistan and Afghanistan) and the Afghani strain -which provides its purple-tinged accents. As it has pure Indica genetics, it provides the strong overall body stone and relaxing function associated with this genotype. It ha a rich tradition of the general public -having High Times naming it to the top 10 of Kush strains.

Purple marijuana can have a range of THC composition -from a low of 17% up to a whopping 27%. It has a medium sized appearance and a dense heavy bud structure. Depending on the specific strain, purple cannabis can have an equal balance between leaves that are green and purple. When the prevalence of purple is present, this is a strong indicator of the purple Afghani strain.

Like Purple Afghani Kush, the high concentration of sticky resin makes it a recommended choice for the production of hash. The orange pistils designed to catch pollen and another color to stand out from the already colorful flowers. (keep reading below)


The odor of Purple Kush may remind one again of Afghani strains with its earthy almost sandalwood musky flavor. With a nuanced sense of smell, one can pick-up sweet fruity notes reminiscent of grape. When combusted, these smells combine to provide a hash-like odor with flowery fruity undertones present. Again, with its heavy smoke, heavy coughing is often a result. The inhale can provide a grape-like taste reminiscent of a dessert wine or cough syrup.


It does not ease the user into a body-stone but rather slams them into intense physical relaxation. The mental effects are more psychedelic than cerebral with enhanced calming effects of tactile interaction. It will not enhance your mental alertness but rather slip you into a dopey sense of content. The permanent smile of purple Kush lends itself to nighttime social relaxation or solidarity introspective release. It is a wonderful tool to be used in meditation.

Benefit 02.


Purple Kush is an excellent strain to be grown indoors as it grows low and bushy. As with all Farmers Lab Seeds, it can be grown indoor or outdoors depending on your location and climate. As it is rarely exceeds 3 feet, much plant can fit in a small space. To get the incredible array of colors that these plants can emit, shocking them to activate the anthocyanins through exposure to cold temperatures is recommended -but only just before harvesting so as to reduce the overall yield. It’s weed flowers within 8 weeks when grown indoors and purple Kush yield is around 37 grams per square foot of plant

The Farmers Lab Purple Kush-The Standard Bearer In Genetic Excellence

The PURPLE KUSH STRAIN for sale by Farmers Lab Seeds has its roots closely associated with the cannabis species origins from Asia.  We are incredibly proud to make this seed available to our customers. Dont forget to try some of our other fine Feminized Seeds like Gorilla Glue #4 and Blue Dream

Good Growing!

The Farmers Lab Team

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