Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seed


Dive into the world of Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seeds, where tradition meets innovation in a harmonious blend of speed, resilience, and yield. Cultivators can look forward to experiencing the joy of gardening with a strain that simplifies the journey without sacrificing the destination. Perfect for those who appreciate the essence of cultivation, this variety promises not just a swift cycle from germination to harvest but also an abundance of quality yields. Embrace the fast version of a classic and let your garden flourish with the remarkable characteristics of Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seeds.

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What is Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seeds?

Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seeds represent a remarkable cultivation achievement, blending the robust genetics of the Super Critical lineage with the unique Bilbo phenotype, known for its fast flowering times. This variety has been expertly bred to retain the cherished qualities of its predecessors while significantly reducing the time to harvest, making it an excellent choice for cultivators seeking efficiency without compromising on quality.


The origin of Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version Seeds lies in the crossbreeding of the legendary Super Critical strain with a carefully selected Bilbo phenotype. Super Critical is renowned for its impressive yields and resilience, while the Bilbo variety, a gem from the Basque Country in Spain, brings its fast-flowering trait to the mix. This synergy results in a cultivar that honors its heritage with a modern twist, suitable for a diverse range of growing conditions.

Seed Characteristics

  • Genotype: Predominantly Indica
  • Flowering Time: Reduced, offering a quicker path from seed to harvest.
  • Yield: High, thanks to the genetic contributions from the Super Critical side.
  • Plant Structure: Compact and resilient, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Key Insights

Super Critical (Bilbo) Fast Version stands out for its rapid maturation process, allowing growers to achieve high-quality yields in a shorter timeframe. This strain is particularly noted for its robustness and ease of growth, making it an appealing option for both novice and experienced cultivators. Its compact size lends itself well to space-limited gardens, while its genetic resilience ensures a hearty plant capable of thriving in various environments.

Cultivation Tips

  • Lighting: Provide ample light during the vegetative stage to encourage healthy growth.
  • Watering: Monitor soil moisture closely, as overwatering can hinder root development.
  • Nutrition: Implement a balanced feeding schedule tailored to the growth phase of the plant.
  • Training: Techniques such as Low Stress Training (LST) can be beneficial in managing plant structure and maximizing light exposure to lower branches.
  • Harvesting: Timing is crucial; observe trichome color to determine the optimal harvest moment for the desired effect.

Additional information

Packet size

6 Seeds, 12 Seeds, 18 Seeds, Packet Size


45 – 50 days

THC Content



Sweet / Fruity / Woddy


Alpha Pinene / Beta Pinene/ Myrcene / Caryophyllene / D-Limonene / Linalool


550 – 600 g/m² Indoor / 1100- 1700g/plant Outdoor


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