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Strain information and review – AK-47

AK-47 is a four-layered landrace genetic miracle, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain with bright white coloring. While it’s a bit of a violent name for cannabis, it is an award-winning strain with high THC levels. The strain imparts a mellow feeling, contrary to its powerful name. Besides, it leads to increased creativity. In fact, for the most part, the AK-47 leaves you feeling peaceful, euphoric, and uplifted. The AK-47 helps the body heal itself by offering great relief from several diseases. On the whole, this strain has more medicinal benefits and fewer negative side effects.


Some believe that this cannabis strain traces back to the 1970s when it resulted first from a cross between Afghani and Thai strains. However, it’s an established fact that the AK-47 was first developed and feminized by Serious Seeds in the year 1992. It became the poster child for some of the incredible marijuana pumped out in the 1990s – an awesome combination of Afghani, Mexican, Thai, and Colombian.

In the international arena, AK-47 has created waves since then and has won 16 awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup. All credit goes to its intense THC content and extraordinary flavor profile. It has turned out to be the go-to cannabis for both stoners and medical marijuana patients. There’s no surprise in the fact that AK-47 is easily one of the world’s highest-rated strains. If you are looking for a mind-blowing, joy-bringing hybrid, the AK-47 is a good bet!


The exotic AK-47 is a deeply aromatic strain. It’s not just unique in terms of the usual cannabis stench but unique in its own “gunpowdery” way. While the initial scent is perhaps a bit sour, it’s followed by a spurt of earthy and floral fragrances.

The flavor profile of AK-47 is powerful and hits your taste buds with a bang. However, it is also tasty and pleasant, offering a range of sweet sensations.

In terms of appearance, the cannabis strain is a vibrant lime green color beautifully blended with vivid red-orange pistils. You can see tiny hairs curled and twisted between the sugar leaves. The buds often appear silvery-white in color. The color could be partially because of the enormous THC content that coats the leaves in glistening crystals. These crystals are also known as trichomes.

The AK-47 plant is quite tall and wide, with prominent calyxes containing extremely smokable, pungent buds. On the whole, the aroma, flavor, and the lovely physical stature make it a distinct cannabis strain.


The AK-47 weed is actually easy to grow, especially for growers with commercial cultivation experience. A complete beginner can give it a try, but should be ready to face a few challenges as the cannabis strain is susceptible to mold and mildew. That is exactly why experts recommend cultivating the plant indoors so that you can monitor the conditions pretty conveniently.

When trying to grow AK-47 marijuana, proper temperature/ventilation and humidity control should be maintained. If you are planning to grow this cannabis outdoors, don’t forget that these plants can thrive and flourish only in a warm and sunny climate where the humidity levels are perhaps on the drier side. Besides, the smell that emanates from the plants is pungent and stinky. So, you may have to consider keeping the strain far away from neighbors who may disapprove of it.

The flowering period is typically short. It takes only about 7 to 9 weeks. For outdoor plants, you can harvest towards the end of October. Exquisite yields are guaranteed if the crops are raised under appropriate conditions.

The outdoor yields of AK-47 are nearly 14 ounces per plant while the indoor yields are 14 ounces per square meter. In general, this powerful cannabis strain can be a beautiful and rewarding addition to a marijuana garden because it will provide some excellent, highly potent nuggets.

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The AK-47 has a strong lineage that may have possibly begun in the 1970s as the Afghani and Thai cross. However, until 1992, the strain AK-47 itself didn’t come into existence. The cannabis strain underwent some rework in the year 1999 so that the plants produced uniform seeds.

AK-47 was created using four strains: Mexico (Sativa), Colombia (Sativa), Thai (Sativa), and Afghanistan (Indica). In terms of genetic composition, AK-47 is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. Its THC levels are average. However, its CBNs and CBDs total 1.5%. On the whole, the AK-47 is a four-layered genetic miracle that remains one of the most preferred marijuana strains in the world.

Mac Jackman