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Study Shows Cannabis Oil Improves Symptoms of Crohn’s Disease

Eight weeks of continuous treatment with the help of cannabis oil can cause a great amount of reduction in symptoms of Crohn’s disease. If compared with the placebo, it is much more beneficial and helpful. Cannabis oil can improve the quality of life of the patients to a great extent and reduce their pain too. According to studies presented recently at the European Gastroenterology Conference, the cannabis oil can be an excellent remedy for the patients diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

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What is Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is one of the chronic inflammatory bowel diseases which can affect the lining of your digestive tract. It is quite common in the adults aged between 19 to 40 years. This disease can to a lot of abdominal pain, fatigue, malnutrition, severe diarrhea and weight loss. For assessing the effects of the cannabis on this chronic disease, many researchers in Israel used a placebo-controlled, randomized study on over 45 people with different cases of this disease. These patients are treated with cannabis oil or placebo for continuous 8 weeks.

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What researchers have to say?

Cannabis oil has been used for several years for treating different types of medical conditions. Different studies have shown how people with Crohn’s disease get relieved from their symptoms by simply using the cannabis regularly. Even the lead researcher Dr. Timna Naftali claimed that they have seen a huge improvement in the health of the patients suffering from the chronic Crohn’s diseases. It has successfully reduced the inflammation of the guts. The main of these researches was to investigate the disease and study on it.

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Naftali along with her colleagues found that the cannabis oil can be a great way to significantly reduce the various symptoms of this disease. It can significantly improve the quality of life compared to the one who were being treated with the placebo. About 65% of the patients who received the cannabis oil met with some strict criteria for the clinical remission for 8 weeks. But on the other hand, only 35% of the placebo recipient received the same.

The study didn’t reveal any effects of the cannabis oil on the inflammation caused on the guts. According to the lead researcher, Naftali, they have previously explained that the cannabis can produce a lot of improvement in the symptoms of the Crohn’s disease. But Naftali also mentioned that surprisingly, they did not saw any significant improvement based on statistics. On the other hand, the statistical improvements have been noticed for the patients under placebo treatment. On this whole issue, the researcher said that they know that cannabinoids can be highly effective on the anti-inflammatory effects but the study shows a lot of improvement in the symptoms. These symptoms can be treated properly with the anti-inflammatory properties.

What is the future?

Looking ahead, the lead researcher along with her team said that they are looking forward for more investigation on the potential anti-inflammatory effects of the cannabis. They are also looking for the potential therapeutic application for the inflammatory bowel diseases. The researchers specifically want to investigate the interaction of the cannabis with the endocannabinoid system. This is a major regulatory network which is responsible for maintaining and regulating the balance and different functions of the body including the immunity system too.

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The researchers are quite hopeful and said they there are good grounds for believing that this endocannabinoid system is a highly potential therapeutic target for the patients suffering from Crohn’s diseases or any other gastrointestinal diseases. But for now, they can only consider the medicinal cannabis as one of the best way to temporarily relieve the symptoms of the Crohn’s diseases.


After a successful research, the lead researcher Naftali is looking forward that after this small number of participant, she will be moving forward to larger and longer group. The new study will soon start regarding the effects of cannabis on the Crohn’s diseases. Based on the previous findings, one can show a lot of effects on managing different symptoms associated with the Crohn’s disease. These researches show a lot of great impact of the cannabis oil on the different patients with various problems related to Crohn’s disease. The new research is on its way and you can read the overview of this research.”

Mac Jackman