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Three Popular Ways To Consume CBD

A person holding a bottle of CBD oil next to a cannabis plant.
A person holding a bottle of CBD oil next to a cannabis plant._SCALED
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CBD is a product becoming more and more popular in the medical marijuana industry, particularly for the fact that it provides many medical benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive high!  That means recreational marijuana users may not be interested, but for people who need the relief cannabis provides but want to be clear-headed when they use it, CBD is a lifesaver!

Just as with marijuana, there are tons of ways to consume CBD.  In case you’re interested in trying something new, we’ve put together a short list of some of the most popular ways to use CBD:


There are a few reasons why oils are one of the most popular ways to use CBD.  For one, it is widely available, even in regions where marijuana isn’t even legal medicinally.  It’s super easy to use, as you can mix it in with food, drop in in a smoothie, take it as a capsule, vape in in a vape pen, or use any number of other consumption options.

Smoke CBD Weed!

If you’re someone who still likes going through the motions of smoking marijuana, but you don’t necessarily want to get stoned, you can try a low THC, high CBD strain.  The best one to get your hands on is Charlotte’s Web.  This strain has only a .3% THC content, which is not enough to get you high.  Comparatively, the strain has a 13% CBD content.

CBD Tinctures

You might think that CBD Tinctures are the exact same thing as oils, but the two are a little different.  Tinctures are slightly less strong than oils and CBD gummies, and is made through a slightly different process.  It comes in a dropper bottle, which you can use to drop the CBD on your tongue or a food/beverage.  It’s a milder medicine that’s easy to administrate as you desire!


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